YEA for the FBI! Arresting those who prostitute children

There is an article with a photo with FBI Director Robert Mueller in the Yahoo News today, and I think the photo is from AP wire–not sure about that? Mr Mueller words bear repeating as they are a very good declaration of the mission and purpose of the FBI,. I am glad to read that they arrested 300 + people for crimes against children today Wednesday. I was also glad when they arrested the 400+ for financial fraud last week. Maybe the citizens of this nation will begin to have some confidence in the Law Enforcement units of the US. However in the same news the fact that the US Supreme Court tried to lesson state laws about the punishment of those who rape, molest, sodomize children is not good news, for two reasons.The state Legislatures have all powers not delegated specifically to the Congress and that includes defining crime and punishment in their states, and because if 300 people were arrested then it shows that clearly the lack of punishment in the past, was no deterrent to those evil crimes. In other words, three hundred people thought they would get away with such evil, and therefore the punishments should be greater not lessened. Punishment of crime is supposed to be well, punishment, not a ‘you naughty boy you’ non-event! I am glad the FBI arrested them and I pray that they find every person and punishes every person who rapes, sodomizes, molests, and traffics in children or teenagers or adults for that matter. In order that the US becomes a nation where children are not prey! Nor fodder in a abortionist mill for grinding up in a phony research lab.
5:23 PM 6/25/2008

[quoting that article:]
We together have no higher calling than to protect our children and
to safeguard their innocence,” FBI Director Robert Mueller said
Wednesday. “Yet the sex trafficking of children remains
one of the most violent and unforgivable crimes in this country.”
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/s/ gloria