America,catch a clue!

America, it is no shock or surprise about these events today:

TMobile website compromised for much of the day;

Apple iphone software “fails”;

wordpress is going to allow blogging from iphone to wordpress.

Now you may ask what these three events have in common and the answer would be that they provide a way for citizens to :communicate with other citizens by phone, by wireless services on their handset, by blog. What is it that the wicked dems fear the most? An educated people of the nation talking to other educated people of the nation, sharing intelligent ideas and reasons to vote for/not vote for a candidate.

If you do your homework, you will learn that in every country where socialism flourished even for a short period of time one of the most obvious efforts by that government was to control the language, presses, speech of the citizens. If you don’t think so, then study Hitler, [fascism is to the left of socialism but both leftist governments], and Stalin’s regime, [socialist] and Italy fascist state to this day practically [oh? you don’t think so? How do you suppose they covered up those sodomite “priests”for decades?] And Krushchev’s then; and Red China’s and North Korea’s to present. Remember there is a continuum of suppression of citizens rights that goes something like this:

communism–>totalitarianism–>fascism–>socialism/democracy [leftist regimes] | [moving to right :] Absolute Monarchy–>Constitutional Monarchy –>Republic–>no central government–>no organized form of government on any level, liberty of citizens to obey GOD’s rules [necessitates a very disciplined and committed to GOD group of people to self-police].

Here are my questions?

Who is the dem candidate who votes BIG LABOR? BIG ABORTION? BIG BABY_KILLING_AND_PROCESSING_Plants?

Who is the dem candidate who changes his mind depending upon what day of the week it is?

Who is the dem candidate whose only plan for America’s problems is smooth talk.

Who is the democratic/socialist Candidate?

Need I write his name here?

It is not an accident that a huge majority of the phones capable of blogging were disabled today because Ted Kennedy –that vile and ungodly and socialist man– was back in the Senate to try to appear as the Saviour [which is always what the wicked do] as he was trying to save his own behind from being discovered by the FBI for hacking [or most likely using his political connections to achieve that through his ex-wife in the US Dept of Justice and the Pentagon]  into private computers, and passports, and bank accounts, spying on his opponents of his “fiefdom”. 

America, wake up! Hitler was charismatic too, [according to news reports then of the parties he gave and the desire to please him by those with political and financial connections]; and so was Jim Jones, and many of the world’s despots.

Here’s another cluem America. In Denver where the keys to the Pepsi Center were delivered to the socialist ruling regime this past Monday, for the lavish blow-out to “celebrate”, the Denver Housing Authority owned and controlled by City of Denver raised at least two people’s rent exponentially [like about a 1000% increase] –people who are on very limited incomes of Social Security disability; and they stopped selling the discount RTD tickets at the RTD roundabout for the disabled, expecting them to pay full fare, because guess why? Denver is trying to raise $15 MILLION by the CON-vention to celebrate BIG WIG style with booze, prostitutes, and the usual Washingtoninan inside-the-beltway drunken orgies. And they seem to be trying to do it by taking more than half of some people’s income to ‘redirect” it to the Dem’s coffers. The “true” values of the Demoncrats on display again! Don’t you just love those socialists? How they impoverish nearly the entire country so they live lavishly? How they do love that pretense of being for the little people all the while boozing and partying like the college campuses across America?  And on the dime of the “little people” ! Who would NEVER support the dems willingly! {I am talking about me as one of these people who will have to scrimp and save to exist while they party-hardy because they took 60% of my monthly income for rent this month for a “subsidized” unit.

There was a time when being embarrassed and ashamed of my situation would have kept me silent but that time is gone. I realized that IF I didn’t tell this, who would? Who could? Do other women even more poor than me with small children and in my situation have a computer, the internet and the writing skills to tell this? No, probably not.  And of course,I thought it was me that they were targeting because I am prolife, educated and Republican, and that is probably true; but when the black woman singer who sang her song instead of the National Anthem in Denver at the State of The City address by Mayor Hickenlooper [fondly called “Hick”  by the locals] she said, that the black people in Denver are struggling to survive while the dems were planning to “celebrate” with their benefits they need [not her exact words, read the Denver Post about a week ago]. So then I figured they raised their rents too! That $15 MILLION will buy a lot of booze and s-e-x on Denver’s infamous streets where the women, the pimps, the corrupt Police and the either ignorant of the law Denver Judges or the corrupt Judges, take your pick on that one, will be there with bells on.  I have to walkabout because it is about the only form of transportation I am able to afford except with RTD to distant places, because I foolishly trusted the “system” some years ago and instead of investing my money into something that paid interest I went along to get along and put my ‘nest egg’ in the government’s coffers.I had no real anxieties about that until I needed the return on my investment after events that nearly killed me in several ways only to discover that “benefits’ are the political reward system mostly for the dems. This is how I discovered it to be:

if you go along with the socialist agenda, you will have plenty of money for a life of crime, bedlam, illicit s-e-x, prostitution, violence, dru-gging, trafficking, boozing; BUT IF that is not your “value system” then you will suffer. If you protest killing, or corruption of ‘leaders’ , or se-xual molestation of minors, or illegal immigrants, or sodomy forced on children, or the concept that sinning is a “right”, then you lose many of the “benefits’ the wicked get, as a form of punishment. I attest to that; but I have survived and by the grace of GOD am finding a shred of peace and happiness in a rather limited existence at present.

This is my effort to cause people to think and I realize that is not a favorite past-time in America. Also while you are at it, read how the pagan/heathen societies focused on public games, and child sacrifice [abortion, and smashing in the heads of children and tossing them in the volcano]; and lavish parties for the Chieftain, while the fiefs or serfs [?peasants] worked without pay and at the Chief’s mercy. Of course, in America, those who work for campaigns are very rich, and travel about,and if they win the election it is even more of the parties,drinking, womanizing, leading of reprobate lives. It is the kind of life,the first Patriots of America left England to escape.

Don’ t get me wrong about England. I love England and would live there, but I am a Republican if not a no-centralized-government kind of woman, but I realize I am probably more self disciplined than most from years of dedication to a cause of pleasing GOD. What I do not want to see happen in America is the turning to the leftist regimes I have described in this entry, but it seems it is being anticipated in Denver. Here is my name for Denver: Demonic, Demoncratic, Denver. The concept of abiding by civil law is not familiar to them here, and it does not look as if it will ever catch on.

signed gloria poole, RN and artist

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