CHINA: Shame on You for Arresting Peaceful Church-Goer

Read this article in the Rocky Mountain News about how China is apparently arresting dissendents just in case they might want to speak to journalists there for the Olympics:…

And then get mad! Why is any nation participating in an event with the purpose of showing off China’s pyrotechniques, and enormous population and consummate skill to control, dominate and squelch their own citizens?

And read about the arrest of the famous dissendent’s wife who is not guilty of anything except being married to a man who wants liberty for all Chinese, and says so, and who wants her husband home with her and her baby. And then be mad all over again.

The fact that the US or any nation participates in GAMES of any kind when the nation hosting them is one of the worst offenders of civil liberties on the planet, appalls me. It shows the sick value system of the world where playing, play-acting, manipulating, impressing is the norm and being honest, open, free is the side-lined issue. I am proud of our President Bush for his words, since he was no doubt warned as were all, according to the BBC not to make any kind of statement that the Chinese could consider “political” or refer to their lack of liberty there. Of course, why should he not? Are the Chinese really going to try to lock up the US President? But then again, if you saw the BBC news two or three days ago, in the pictures of the day, [ or it might have been the Yahoo news photos by the AP] you probably saw as I did those big missile launchers poised at the Olympic Games sites and behind chicken-wire type fences.

Of course if the President had been Demoncrat, he would have cried about his security and got a US activist Judge to set him apart from the real action by moving the venue to the Pepsi Center,* and he would have hired big gun lawyers to cage off the protestors of his words and deeds, as the Chinese are doing. The dems and the Chinese have much in common–hating the First Amendment liberties of peaceful protest of the government to petition for changes to be made.

Anyway, this is my protest of arresting peaceful citizens/subjects on the way to Church just in case they might open their mouths to protest against enforced silence there from the people themselves. IF China really wants to impress the world, it could write and establish a FIRST AMENDMENT to their people -approved Constitution [which has not happened yet as far as I know] and allow their citizens to travel at will if not guilty of a real crime where people are killed or harmed, or not guilty of property theft, or other crimes; and allow their citizens to say or write what ever they want. That would impress me. But a whole lot of well trained athletes running around trying to win a prize that GOD would scoff at, does not impress me. It is a useless waste of money for a nation that FORCES women to abort if they get pregnant more than one time, because they fear their other children might use up state resources. Why did China not apply that hundreds of billions to improving their hospitals and hiring enough staff so children could be born alive there? Or invest in a world class journalism tower to transmit to the world the news from there? Or invest in the process of a republican form of government where their citizens could vote? Shame and double shame on you!

Footnote, Denver is notoriously trying to control when, where and who verbally protests the dems for not keeping their promises that they talked big about before they were elected about how they were going to get America out of Iraq immediately. Remember that Nancy Pelosi now-infamous lie? Read the news from Denver about how they are doing those Chinese tactics too, for the upcoming Demons-Convening this month.

signed gloria poole, RN and artist