John McCain, don’t sabatoge your Election

I read just now in the Google news that John McCain is thinking of asking Tom Ridge a prodeather to be his VP. DON”T DO IT!  John McCain,Sir, You are winning precisely because you are more prolife than Obama. Obama is the prodeather candidate. Please be the prolife candidate and do not split the vote by including a prodeather in your campaign. JESUS said it first and then Abraham Lincoln quoted it, ‘every kingdom divided against itself is brought to desolation; and every city or house divided against itself shall not stand.” [Matthew 12:25.] Do NOT make a prodeather your VP if you want to win the election. Are you trying to throw the Election to Obama or what?

Do your homework. The prolifers in this nation are in the majority and that is true for several years. That is one of the reasons Hillary did not win the nomination, i.e. she is NOT prolife. She is a throwback to  a dead era in American politics when the innocents were the fodder of abortuaries. But thanks to prolife groups that displayed the images of shredded human babies across college campuses, the good people of the US are not deceived any longer about what a heinous thing abortion is. IF killing of innocents with premeditation, deliberation and planning is a sin and a crime, then abortion is a crime too, and definitely a sin against THE ONE GOD who is alive forevermore [Revelation 1:17-18;KJV] .

 Voters:do not elect to any position a leader who would massacre innocent babies by the millions. And John McCain,please for the sake of righteousness, i.e. right standing with GOD, and  to get the blessings of GOD on this nation, pick a prolifer for VP. Do not listen to the groups whose agenda is killing of innocents and do not listen to the push-polls that are nothing but contrived PR tools to push the vote in the direction they want. Listen to the people of the US. And another compelling reason to have a prolife administration is for the continuity of the nation. A nation that kills off its offspring has no future.

And readers, the real Washington ‘celebrity’ is President George Bush. McCain is a Senator only at this point and does not outrank our President. Get a life!

signed gloria poole, RN and artist, Denver Co 80203 PS I am willing to be the VP! And I am sure you could find another prolife VP with political “experience” but I have real world experience and education and am not an ‘insider’ to Politics in any definition. I am a woman and a Christian and a Registered Nurse and an articulate speaker also. Problem solved ! You could pick a Christian appealing to fundamental Christians, who is also educated and career Professional, who many know of, who is prolife, who is committed to the what is best for the nation and not what is best for self, and who is a woman, counter-balancing that Hillary attempt. I am also an artist, producing tangible proof of my perspective on life, and producing many writings and poems, including “Tribute to Veterans”  [read that at] and  many online works for the people of the nation to judge my heart. Think on it.I am serious.