Pres Bush gives Wonderful Testimony in Beijing, Praise GOD

Watch and hear the AP news report about President Bush’s wonderful testimony of the love of GOD being international, and asking the Chinese government to allow religious liberty at:…

Also, the article says Pres Bush prayed openly there at a ‘registered” Prostestant Church and though those who are atheist may think that does not seem like much since the state [government] of China sort of regulates the churches there, it is significant because it shows our US President has faith and is willing to publicly display that faith in a setting that is hostile and tense to religious liberty in most cases. Does the US President have influence? You bet!

This is my public thanks to GOD for giving President Bush the courage to stand and be counted for the liberty of praying openly, publicly worshipping GOD and for his words about the love of GOD. And my thanks to President Bush also for saying those powerful words. Thank you, thank you, thank you! GOD’s love is very real and very powerful, and it changes hearts and minds from evil, from war, to peace co-existence of nations. It is a topic I write on often and have put up a new website on that topic at Also my Christian testimony is on the web in several places but particularly at and and . And thanks to China for not arresting the journalist that videographed the US President saying those words!

signed gloriapoole, RN and artist