This is NOT Communist America yet, thank GOD!

Here’s a news flash for you perverts and sinners in California : MD’s are not obligated to treat any person in the US, and there is no way any agency can force them too. Do you think those highly educated and skilled MD’s cannot figure a way around your so-called rules ? They will be just ‘be too busy to see” those they don’t want to see, and ‘their schedules will be full”, and their fees will be too high. No MD in the US is obligated to take any patient as his or her patient. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. That includes if they see you in the E.R. when on call. They may have to stabilize your medical condition before sending you elsewhere if the facility you went too for emergency treatment , is not capable of treating you properly, but they don’t have to sign on as your Physician. Get a grip on the truth and don’t listen to those whistling socialism !

In the U.S. a portion of the First Amendment covers the situation in this case. We , citizens, are free i.e. at liberty to associate with those whom we want to associate with, and at liberty NOT to associate with those with whom we don’t want too. Read the real laws of the U.S. and not the version pumped OUT by the sodomites and “lesbians”. Ignore those ungodly and vile people because they would lead you to hell as surely as the Pied Piper of doom.

signed gloria poole, RN and artist, Denver Co 80203