I Told You that the Election was being rigged

Here is an article that you will find worth reading:


Call me cynical but I am certain that those machines did not ‘drop’ votes as they uploaded but were instead programmed to do exactly, precisely that. I know that in two ways:

1)from the Secretary of State’s in Colorado business section computers where I was trying to renew my LLP last year, and after having renewed two of them, that the Secretary of State’s office seemed to have no problems with, when I wanted to renew the T.V. Limited Liability Partnership, that was also mine, known as Tapestry of LIFE TV, LLP, suddenly their computer realized that I am Republican and lo and behold, suddenly it stopped working, bam, just like that! And it was what if had happened in a public school would be called “lockdown” . The security system said  ‘no Republicans allowed to use this computer” . Well, you know that they did not print that  on the screen but the actions said it loud and clear. The computer altered itself to change its behaviour radically as soon as I typed in something that indicated I am Republican and Prolifer. We all know that computers don’t alter themselves. They are able to do only what they are programmed to do. So somebody told it to do that–shut down and not renew that particular LLP. I knew that immediately at the time, but then I was told by the staff there that I had to ‘write a paper check” to renew only that particular LLP when I had plenty of money to renew it, and had already in the same session renewed two other LLPs that are mine, and registered to me, and other tradenames as well. So being the good citizen that I am and needing to renew that LLP also for my works on the web, I complied and wrote out the check and presented. And was given a receipt. The next day I went in person to the bank and the check had cleared but guess what? The Bank had a new person suddenly there ‘auditing’ their records and they said they closed my account for no reason. Because someone pulled political strings at the Secretary of State’s office which is why they wanted a paper check. The account number shows on a paper check remember, whereas if you use your bank card it is secretive or supposed to be. The whole thing was rigged and I knew it.

2) When I voted in Arapahoe County in Aurora in the last election, the voting machine did not record my vote and said as much. When I asked the election ‘judge’ to reset it and let me vote again telling her that it said it was faulty and did not record my vote, she said, she did not need to do that, that she ‘was sure it was recorded somewhere..’ Well, I am sure it was recorded too. That is why they dumped it, because I voted prolife and Republican. Any way, I knew at the time that my vote was deleted. And prior to that, as I was going to vote, I realized that I did not know where to vote,[ I had not received my precinct voting card] ; and so I  called the Secretary of State’s office only to be asked which Gloria Poole I was? the one in Aurora or the one in Denver. That raised a flag since I had moved from Denver in 2004–two years before that vote-[now back in Denver Co 80203] and had never lived at that address she read to me but it was and is my name. And the person supposedly had my exact same middle name and guess what? Social Security number too. I said that is a fraudulent record because I never lived at that address but this is my name and SSN you read out in both cases. She said it didn’t matter! I asked her to delete the wrong record and she said she couldn’t because I had to go in person to somewhere and take proof of my identity. I said, well is the identity thief going to be allowed to vote in Denver while I am the real owner of my name and SSN and intend to vote in Sheridan? And her reply was that she did not know but not to worry about it.

These events and others have caused me to do some research into operating systems on computers and how they are programmed and by whom, and in what way. I came to the conclusion long ago,that the reason the Secretary of State’s office staff in Denver Co did not like me there was because they are dishonest there and in the pocket of BIG ABORTION KILLING CENTERS. They should all be fired before the next election, is my reasoned opinion so as to have an honest vote and election, and paper ballots shoudl be used in every State.

signed gloria poole RN and artist, Denver Co 80203