This Belongs to Ms Gloria Poole,RN of Denver Co 80203

This is a necessary posting because this morning someone was trying to ‘hide’ my blog,and imply that it belonged to someone else. The name Gloria Poole is my name from birth! This Yahoo email belongs to Ms Gloria Poole,RN and always has. My Yahoo id for probably ten or more years is at though I also have others. It would be a wonderful thing if the hosting companies and the email companies acknowledged that a thief does not have the right to steal my words, my name or my work, and put MY name on my works. I am not ashamed of my name! I am not married, live alone, and write my own words and paint my own paintings and photograph the photos you see on the web in my name [photo_by_gloriapoole]. No one else is authorized to use my name but me, and I put it on the websites I want it on. My name written as ‘gloriapoole’ is registered as a trade name to me in Colorado because it appears that way on many websites with images of my original paintings, and my original poems * and my writings and websites. Please do not steal my identity! There may be repercussions in the law, if you try. You will be prosecuted if you steal my name or identity!

* Some of my poems are :

“Tribute to Veterans” read it on my website at

“Lessons of Poverty” ; read it on my website at

“I’m Telling Someone” ; about overcoming domestic violence against me; read it on also.

Also “Little Lydia” a poem about my little granddaughter ballerina is supposedly published in a book of Poems but I forgot the name of it, but I have the proof of publication somewhere. You might find it by searching the net.

You may view my photographs of my original paintings that I paint at:, and click the links of the names of the paintings and then click ‘open’ to see them in large format

and it seems there are a few more with images of my paintings. I am marketing my paintings directly to the public. Also you may see my original photographs at:

And you may see prolife photographs of a newborn baby at:

signed gloria poole, RN and artist, Denver Co 80203