Protesting Killer Democrats

This is my reply to the article in the Rocky Mountain News about democrat and prodeather Ken Salazar refusing to nominate Judges for Court. My comments on any topic are being blocked /censored by the Rocky Mountain News,that rag that is funded by those who kill,because I am prolife and Republican and oppose killing and those who do that. I am posting it here to document their illegal denial of First Amendment liberties to me for disagreeing politically and religiously with the wicked Democrats and the more wicked ‘catholics”. Here are my comments:

This scenario is going on all over the nation and it is because the dems want activist judges who will either totally ignore the laws, or rewrite them to suit Planned Parenthood. It is the battle of prolife v prodeath. Ken Salazar is a prodeather, and so is Gov Ritter, and Ted Kennedy and Nancy Pelosi, and John Roberts and Samuel Alito, and almost all the catholics in Congress or on Supreme Court. Since the Congress abdicated their duties to create law and allowed the Supreme Court to usurp power, the wicked groups realized that the way to get and hold illegal power is through the Courts and legal system. Salazar is being a ‘good’ puppet for Planned Unparenthood, what their real name should be.
Of course I am opposed to that, and think the laws the people voted on should be what the Judges enforce, and I think the people should outlaw all forms of killing including abortions, and so called ‘mercy killing’ [eugenics, euthanasia] .
signed gloriapoole, RN and artist, Denver CO 80203