Multimillionaire Obama: thanks to ‘donations’

Whatever else Obama has not done, he has made himself a multimillionaire through his ‘donations’ and we all know he will convert them to his private funds, because he took $123,000 from lobbyists for Fannie Mae and Freddic Mac mortgage lenders. Read the excellent BBC article about who raised the most money to buy the election [Obama] and who dissed the public campaign fund with its caps on spending [Obama], and who thinks he will buy the voters [Obama]. The BBC article gives the facts, I am adding my interpretation of them so don’t blame the BBC for my words. Article at:

Remember I am anti_Obama for these reasons:

1) He voted to legalize infanticide by voting against giving medical attention or help to those babies who survived an abortion attempt, instead wanting them to put them in a metal dish and leave them there til they died;

2) He has voted against human life in the wombs of women on every vote;

3) He is in league with that wicked baby-killing group mistakenly named “planned parenthood’. They should be named planned unparenthood since they kill human babies not deliver them.

4) He is not an outstanding Senator in any way, he did not show up to vote in many cases and according to one Rocky Mountain News poster recently his two pieces of federal legislation consisted of wanting the US taxpayers to give relief to Africa ,and to disarm the U.S. to make it unable to defend the nation.

5) He is corrupt, taking $123,000 from Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, mortgage lobbyists.

6) The BBC article with the link above says his biggest contributors are lawyers and the unionized Dept of Education.

7) He jettisoned his religion to try to gain favour.

8) He usurped Presidential privilege by driving his kids to school this past Monday in a Presidential Motoracade complete with the Secret Service patrol, according to news article in Yahoo and Google news.

9) He went to Harvard U on an affirmative action deal but then pretended he didn’t.

10) There is much confusion about where he was born. I am sure he was born in Indonesia.

Please, please, vote prolife. The continuity of this nation depends upon prolife policies. Vote McCain-Palin. For more on this topic please visit,, and and, and

signed gloria poole, RN and artist, Denver CO 80203