Qualifications for US Post Office, Denver Area, Colorado

I am writing the qualifications I have observed that seem to be what is required to work at the US Post Office in Denver Colorado. I am writing this after six years of living in Denver metro area and of having my PO box mail stolen for six years and for being threatened with arrest for getting MY mail from MY paid for Post Office Box with only my name on it, [and the names of my LLP’s of words that WORK,LLP and Life Media & Publishing,LLP also that I am the only owner of and the only Registered Agent of and the only PO BOX holder of] ; and of having moved my post office box in summer 2007 to a more expensive part of town to get better service but encountering an appalling indifference from them also as to who gets the mail, if you get the mail, what name they put on a POB you pay for, and how they distribute your mail to thieves and con-men and being billed twice apparently as if it is being rented to two different owners; when there is supposed to be only one owner and that is me; for the same PO Box. My correct PO BOX is 61513, Denver CO 80203.

These seem to be the requirements Denver Post Offices require for hiring:

lack of integrity

inability to read names on a piece of mail

inability to distinquish between men and women, [I am a woman but my exhusband is male and does not look remotely like me];

willing to steal;

willing to type in any name on the PO Box after you pay for it to faciliate theft of your mail;

willing to facilitate theft of your mail.

willing to cheat and open your mail and get confidential info or checks out of it;

willing to defraud you regularly ;

willing to hire a goon to make sure the proper as in who paid for it, owner of a PO BOX does not get the mail but the thieves do;

willing to treat all paying PO Box holders with contempt and dishonor them;

willing to lie to anyone who asks.

If you meet these so-called qualifications you are in luck. The Denver Metro area post offices are looking for you!

And by the way, there is no person named Dana Pappas nor Dana Ben Pappas in my life, or my PO BOX, in my LLP’s, in my dwelling, or in my ‘work’ of missions and websites. He is my EXhusband and I thank GOD a zillion times over for that divorce. And GOD willing when sanity returns to Denver if and when it ever does, and the US Post Office has integrity again, I will get control of my mail. I realize I probably have to move out of Colorado for that to happen but considering that I have spent thousands of dollars, and six years of my life in Colorado trying to build something to add too what I had built in Georgia, I am taking it all with me when I leave! So this is a public notice to lending agencies, banks, companies, Post Offices that neither Dana Pappas, nor Dana Ben Pappas, nor Dana Ben, nor Dana Papas, nor Doris Papas nor Doris Parsons, nor Doris Pappas, nor whoever the woman is that Dana frequents in the Halcion Building regularly whatever her name is; nor Ben Pappas, nor Ben James, nor Dena Papas, nor Dena Pappas, nor Rebecca by any name, nor Becca by any last name, who reside in the Halcion House in Lo-Do Denver or Sheridan, CO; or 3200-3300 block Newton St of Denver has any authority to steal my mail or have possession of my mail, or pick up my mail , or divert my mail for me personally or for the LLPs of Life Media & Publishing,LLP, and words that WORK,LLP, and Tapestry of LIFE TV,LLP including any mail addressed to me in my former married name. Those people are not in any way associated with anything I have ever created or ever intend to create or ever painted, or ever produced or ever displayed on the web, or ever photographed. They are crooks and thieves who would cut your throat in a minute if given opportunity too, and who would drive off in broad daylight after plundering and looting most of your possessions. They do not represent me and if they break into my dwelling and steal info which it seems they did again in July when I was in Nebraska visiting my daughter, in order to use my documents to divert my mail to them using papers from the State of Colorado Secretary of State’s office that rightfully belong to me, that still does not make them business partners of mine. Dana Papas says he is a slave to the Jews since he puts in 10 hour days with them providing intimate services that he says they do not pay him for. He is NOT now and never was a business partner with me in any endeavour in any place at any time. Do not be deceived by him.

signed gloria poole, RN and artist, Denver CO 80203

PS I admit it is shameful to have to write this here, but I am determined to get control of MY name and my images of my paintings, and my websites and my LLP’s that were always mine from the beginning. And women who are considering marrying, get a background check from a reliable source before you do, and avoid the heartaches I have endured from a misplaced trust in a bad man.

Also, in case you are wondering If I tried to do anything about this, the answer is yes. I contacted the US Postal Inspector for Denver and he sent me a letter addressed to a person named ” Polle’ and it was a canned letter, meaning he had no clue what I was talking about and did not bother to find out who paid for the PO BOX he was telling me was not compromised. My name has always been on my financial instruments that I pay for it with and then when I discovered the Post office was delivering my bank statements to Congress women, then I started paying with cash but receipt had my name on it. Then I tried reporting it to the US Marshall in Denver Co thinking the Post Office is a federal agency and must be subject to supervision by somebody only to be treated with contempt and an attitude by the agent there but he did allow me to file a written report about the theft of my mail, but then told me that the US Post Office is a PRIVATE agency not under any jurisdiction of the US government. Whether that is true or not, Denver agencies hire idiots, but if it is true, then the public should know that, and do business with a real private agency that has to earn your respect, and not a quasi-socialized center for stealing your identity [the “US’ Post Office].