Obama’s hackers on the job!

Well. I have protested much about my email accounts being hacked and my websites interfered with but just now I discovered I am in good company. Gov Palin’s Yahoo email was hacked too and they were so stupid as to admit they broke into her account. Read it at:


I guess having my blogs [http://lifemedia-publishing.us ] hacked by Hillary’s hackers in 2007; and other times as well,  and today the Obama team tried to slam my cell phone, means I am gaining influence, becoming the Solhenitzyn of America, so oooooooooooooooooooh ‘enlightening’  to the public stupidity that the wicked Dems are pulling out all stops to try to prevent me from writing anything the public could read.

But hey, If GOV Palin has to endure such tricks and treachery by the Obama team, why should I complain? I am in a new class of citizen ‘elite’–> me and GOV Palin hacked the same day! WHOOEEE!!I’m in the big league now. Oh yea it is probably is hacking because cell phones except the new one Google has with Android and those made in the EU have Microsoft-controllable software on them with that wicked ‘kill’ app switch we all read about.

And just think on it, should by unfortunate ill-will of the fates, Obama were elected then he could spy on all ordinary citizens AND heads of State, wow, how unneat is that? Violation of the Amendment to be free of unreasonable searches and seizures sound familiar to you? And how about violation of federal cybercrime laws? And how about invasion with exposure of State secrets by opening up the email of the Governor to criminals?  Where is that worry about security that Obama cites when he insists on a Presidential Motorcade and secret service to drive two little girls to a community school they attend,  since the GOV is after all, GOVERNOR there, not like Obama who is only an occasional do nothing senator, who apparently is not needed since he never shows up in the US Senate.

The moral of the story is get a cell phone with Android [unix] or get one with Symbion ! And vote Republican where women are real women and the men don’t need a motorcade to protect their ‘ass*ets’ .

Oh yea, read this article about Baroness deflecting from the Dems to the right side of the debate:


signed gloria poole, RN and artist, Denver CO 80203