Obama Pathetic! & Spy;Comic

You know what? I am sick of the Mainstream press hatchet job on Sarah Palin. They are in the pocket

of the big mainstream DEMONS named George Soros and Bill Gates, and their sort of decadent folks. I am going to purposely give Obama a taste of his own “medicine” so here goes:

Obama is too stupid to run for office because he has children.

Obama is too ignorant to be President because he is from Illinois.

Obama is too ignorant to know the difference between a bulldog and a pig.

Obama went to school on a scholarship and therefore he  is not elite enough for the rest of the world.

Obama hires hackers to hack into the privately owned computers of US citizens if they disagree with him.

Obama needed a Secret Service escort and motorcade to protect two little girls.

Obama is “from the back woods” of Hawaii.

Obama’s mother never married Obama’s father so that makes him ineligible [remember Sarah ‘daughter who does plan to marry her baby’s daddy??]

Obama did not travel to Saudi Arabia until it was on the taxpayers’ dime.

Obama has no clue about real science having studied the pretend law that Harvard teaches.

Obama never had a non-government job.

Obama never had to make decisions in his job.

Obama is a loser all the way around, just ask the mainstream Republicans who are prolife.

Obama never skinned a moose.

Obama never did his own homework.

Obama did not keep his promise about public funding of election and opted for the billions of kickback money from Planned Parenthood.

Obama is a liar and a person who believes that killing is a so-called right’ and openly stated that he is too stupid to know the difference in right and wrong at the Saddleback Church debate.

Obama is not pretty.

Obama has a family that will cause his name to die out.

Obama has no real world experience except as corporate lawyer.

Obama hires relatives but does not require them to do anything, nepotism!

Obama is a wicked and deceitful man.

Obama is a loser!

Don’t vote Obama.

/s / gloria poole, RN and artist,Denver CO 80203

Update: read this article about the book being written about Obama by the fake moderator of the setup to do a pretend debate with the democrat Joe Biden:


You will of course note in that article that the word bias is reported to be not the case of the woman who is black and who is writing a book about how wonderful she perceives Obama to be all the while pretending she is planning to ‘moderate’ a  fair debate tonight with the democrats. What she is planning is a huge trick like that con-game bailout plan in the US Senate. America don’t fall for it!  Let me ask the questions of Sarah Palin and I guarantee she will win the debate because you see, I know I love all real prolifers and I will ask all the right questions from the Republican point of view and then she will win the debate. [But I think she will win no matter who asks them–Joe Biden is a dinosaur who as far as I know never did anything to recommend himself in the US Senate.] I know my bias, and I am not writing a book about her either. I know what I believe and why and it has nothing to do with the color of one’s skin. But I still say that anyone who votes democrat because the candidate is black better just shut up about racial bias! It is a two-edged sword.

OH yea, John McCain when are you going to hire a black face comic to impersonate Obama with his dumbo ears, and his stupid jacka– grin? When?  It is supposedly so funny to the Democratic socialists to make fun of Republican Sarah Palin with a commedienne Tina Fey, let’s us all do that for Obama too. Let us all find a black-face to impersonate him and ridicule him and make fun of his skin color and his race, and his thoughts and his speech and his life. Let us all ridicule him and sit back and laugh the last laugh, what say ye?

Oh yea, another  thing Ms Sarah or Gov Palin: when women who have billion a year jobs that pay billion of dollar a year salaries to big corporate PR firms’ writers like that Katie Couric asks you a stupid question, don’t take it to heart. She does not know any better, she just reads the copy some idiot wrote for her. And she was trying to embarrass you but it did not work, because she could not hold a candle to you! You are the ultimate American woman to be the VP in 5 weeks, and possibly first President later on. You make all of America proud of you, you go girl!