Washington State: vote NO to euthanasia

Washington State and all States, vote NO to euthanasia !
The state of Washington and a few other states have tried to implement
Nazi Medicine for several years. Remember this, the ‘state’ [generic term
for a government in power] should never legalize killing of those not
charged with a crime in a bona-fide Court of Law and allowed to question
their witnesses against them, and allowed appeals, and due process.
To legalize killing by medical professionals is abhorrent to any who
know and love GOD and know the Commandments of GOD.
Remember GOD said, and then wrote in stone the Commandments,
including ‘thou shalt not kill’ as recorded in Exodus 20:13, and also again
in Deuteronomy chapter five.
There must never be a ‘right to kill’ for ordinary citizens nor for
licensed medical doctors, nor for anyone. That duty of punishing the
wicked must be in the realm of the laws of GOD, and according to the
words of GOD, upheld by honorable people [Judges] and Courts. GOD
did tell the King who was the leader of the people in the Kingdoms of GOD
to punish the wicked, and there are Biblical principles for how, when
and by what method to do that. But citizens killing citizens, should never
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12:43 PM 10/11/2008

signed gloria poole, RN and artist, Denver CO 80203