Defeat Center for Reproductive Killing;remove tax exempt status

What a fool is the lawyer quoted here: “Anti-choice activists will
stop at nothing to prevent a woman from getting an abortion,
 but trying to manipulate a woman’s decisions about her own life
 and health goes beyond the pale,” Stephanie Toti, staff attorney
 in the U.S. legal program of the advocacy
 group and lead attorney on the case, said in a statement.”  The reason lawyer Toti is a fool is because
it is NOT the woman’s life that is destroyed by an abortion; but an innocent human’s;  and IF the lawyer
had a real education in sciences, she would know that. Stupid lawyers combined with evil is the root cause
of abortion. Read article about yet another  wicked lawsuit from those who kill,  challenging the Oklahoma law that is intended to save human lives from premeditated destruction by wicked ‘medical providers’ [often and usually NOT MD’s], by requiring an ultrasound before allowing an abortion at an article in the earthlink news today.
2:10 PM 10/11/2008
Ask yourself why an organization that has no purpose but advocating the
premeditated killing of innocents has not-for-profit status? and why such
evil is being subsidized by U.S. taxpayers ? And why such an organization
exists at all, and is not tracked down and hunted like Osama bin Ladin, since the
Center for Reproductive Rights is faaaaaaaaaaaaaaar more evil than
Osama bin Ladin, who focused his attacks on those able to fight back.
The wicked ngos Center for Reproductive Killing, headquartered on Wall Street, with the tag line of ‘rights’ when GOD said killing is a WRONG;along  with that ungodly and evil group named Planned Parenthood, the headquarters of the killing fields of innocents in the womb,  is the reason the US is coming apart at the seams and the reason GOD is angry, I am sure.
Defeat the Nazi killing groups that prey upon the innocent like vultures;  and get America back on track.

 I am asking, praying that GOD ALMIGHTY defeats those killing agencies headquartered in NYC,and that exports its evil as a so-called right when GOD wrote in stone, the words ‘thou shalt not kill’. And I am asking that GOD defeats the wicked killing groups so completely that they will never be able to regroup or put two pennies together again to accomplish their evil. It is written,’be not deceived. GOD is not mocked; for whatsoever a man [or ngo] soweth that shall he also reap.” [Galatians 6:7]. Death and destruction is headed your way, NYC for the killing fields located there;  and the US as a nation, is going to suffer for the sins of your evil, unless it repents and quickly. The Bible says GOD is not mocked, yet you sinners, killers, have tried to mock HIS words and HIS commandments, and tried to flaunt them in HIS face. We, as a nation will see WHOSE power is greater, yours from the devil, [see John 10:10 about who is the cause of killing–the enemy of GOD,who is satan] or GOD’s. I AM CERTAIN THAT GOD’S POWER IS GREATER AND NOW THAT YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED ACCORDING TO SCRIPTURE, YOU ARE STANDING IN THE PATH OF GOD’S DESTRUCTION.

signed gloria poole,RN and artist, Denver CO 80203