If Obama is a US citizen,could prove w/State seal on Birth Cert

I started this entry to encourage my team McCain-Palin not to pay much attention to the push-polls. They are the way the socialists try to create the impression that they want to create. Anyone who has ever had even the entry level course of statistics knows that. A Poll of any kind, whatever the methodology whether good or bad,is only a snapshot of that particular day, and in no way predictive of what will happen in the future. Remember the mainstream polls thought John Kerry was going to win? He didn’t. And they thought HIllary was going to beat Obama? She didn’t. And they are not any more predictable than wetting your finger, holding it up to the wind, to see which way the wind is blowing.  Remember this: the wind is blowing the direction GOD wants always! And the people that they didn’t ask because they knew our answers would not accomplish their agenda,  think the McCain-Palin ticket will win by a landslide. It is all psychological techniques of the socialist to create fear, panic in an effort to sway the election. It is not a new manuever, since it was documented first with Hitler’s propaganda machinery in Europe during the Weimar Republic that he wanted to convert to socialism. 

I am Christian and am not trying to create fear or panic, but stick to the facts, and regarding the topic of polls these are as I see them:

1) polls are tools of statisticians to create info that does not really exist to influence a decision.

2) Nobody knows what is going to happen for certain on Election Day but GOD.

3) Barack Obama would not be acceptable to the prolifers no matter what color he was, because he is NOT prolife and indeed, is a very radical prodeather who is bad for the nation. It is suicide for any nation to destroy the coming generations in the womb, or the children out of the womb.

4) Also it seems to be fact that there is confusion about where Obama was born, but I do not understand why. If he was born in Hawaii,  as some say, what is the problem since Hawaii is a state and they issue birth certificates as far as anyone knows with the state seal on them to certify a birth was recorded at such and such a time. Why does he not produce that to prove his US citizenship, if such a thing exists? I understand why he would not want it published on the web, but he could show it someone respectable, though who that would be,  I have no idea. Colorado is a state that says it does not accept any State’s official birth certificate with the State seal on it, as proof of birth or citizenship, though how they legally get around that, I don’t know, unless it is that the illegals have a huge lobby in Colorado. A person working for a government agency told me in 2002 when I wanted to change my driver’s license that they purposely don’t accept those because it  makes the illegals look bad. Well, duh!  I had my birth certificate and she said that was not acceptable but wanted my electric bill! Or she said, ‘lease” or my telephone bill and gave me a list of about 18 forms of so-called documentation, which being of one mind about those born in the U S or to US parents being US citizens, i did not consider any proof whatsoever of citizenship. Does a library card prove citizenship? Do you have to show real ID to get that? Not in any place I ever had a card and i have had many library cards in many places! So my point is, does Obama have a real ID like a State certified birth certificate or is using his electric bill?

signed gloria poole, RN and artist,Denver CO 80203