MSN, essentially destroyed by Feds,and Sarah Palin star rising

Read a great uplifting article about Sarah Palin written by
Jerry Zremski of the Washington Bureau in the Buffalo NY News, from Erie Pennsylvania:

Read article about creeping socialism and Obama’s role in it:;_ylt=AtOhN.ak2zV0ufIave8KGbGs0NUE/
Article by Donald J Boudreaux in the Christian Science Monitor and the Yahoo News today,
9:59 AM 10/31/2008
Mr Boudreaux is Professor of Economics at the George Mason University in Fairfax, VA

Microsoft essentially destroyed by Federal Court of Appeals in ruling that software is NOT patentable:
Read “State Street overruled…PERIOD.” by Gene Quinn Oct 30,2008.
11:47 AM 10/31/2008

I have no idea why wordpress is underlining every word–doing its own thing I guess!

The news about Microsoft is good news for those of us who own private computers and it very good news for the Republicans, Christians, and prolifers! Since Microsoft is known to be anti-liberty and anti-First Amendment, and anti-life.

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