A President for Kenya and Nigeria=Obama

President for  Africa=Obama
9:05 AM 11/4/2008
Quote from that article:
“Obama, being partly African, has the moral obligation to intervene
 in Africa,” said Samuel Conteh, Managing Editor of The New Citizen,
 an independent local newspaper in Freetown, Sierra Leone.
 “The aspirations of Africans are very high, believing
that he will change the social and economic situations of Africans.”[end quote]

Also please read the article in the Rocky Mountain News today by the Associate Editor of one of the Arabic newspapers about how the Arabs in most nations believe Obama best suits their agenda for America. If the RMN has removed that article you may read it on another of my blogs at:

http://gloriapoolepappas.blogspot.com [ Remember that was my name once upon a time when married the second time,but I am divorced now and removed the Pappas name from my name at that time. But that blog has four years of my writings on it, and I am continuing it. ]

And please reread the plan Marxist Obama has for America to socialize America with government takeover of health care], government takeover of Press and religous liberty by spying on citizens and attempting to control what opinions they write and where, and by manipulating the Courts to favour demoncrats and impoverish Republicans.

Also read the testimony of Registered Nurse Jill Stanek about Obama voting for infanticide at the article linked here:


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