Kristof, here’s my answer to your pretend question in NYT

To answer this question:
“How else do we explain the election in 2008 of an Ivy
League-educated law professor who has favorite philosophers
and poets? ”
in the NY Times today written by Nicholas Kristof I suggest these
possible answers:
1) hacking and cybercrime by the admitted cyber-guru Obama and his
team of hackers;
2) along with massive nation-wide interception by Microsoft of
voter records, computers of Republicans so opposing words were
hidden or not published, or blacked out, or censored;
3)  the millions from cities like Denver who hijacked the federal
incomes of many of their poor to promote Obama in his big shindig;
4) Presses that promoted him as the ‘saviour’ of the world, while
simultaneously mocking the Republican Candidate and VP;
5) mass media of farcical attacks on Sarah Palin as open discrimination
against  a prolife woman because she is not politically correct;
6) that movie “W” that was propaganda to portray George W Bush as
ignorant [though he also graduated from an Ivy-league University]; and
a cowboy instead of a President.
7) And let us not forget the billions of dollars Obama received to
slip to his voters here and there, and the Secret Service motorcade
allowing him to portray himself as President when he wasn’t but planting
an image in the minds of black voters, seeing one of their own riding
in a Presidential motorcade;
8) and of course. let us not forget the NY Times many articles promoting
the idea that he deserved to be President because he is black and
the blacks were slaves until the Emancipation Proclamation signed by
a REPUBLICAN President.,
9) and of course, the support of the Muslim lobbying groups and petro-dollars.
10) comical portrayal of Sarah Palin as a “joke” regularly and with
blatant discrimination on Saturday Night Live.
11) censorship of intelligent as you say, Republicans who are prolife by
these well established Presses: NY Times, Washington Post, Denver Post;of
any and all comment that is actually prolife opposing the premeditated
killing of innocents in the womb; and going one step further to belittle,
categorize to discriminate, blocking their email addresses, labeling their
words as ‘spam’ because not politically correct, not allowing them to
participate in public forums on their networks, etc .

12) sponsorship and funding by the catholic church second in wealth only to the US government, of

Joe Biden’s VP to try to cinch their blood-money flow from abortuaries  into the fake church there.

Does this answer your question, Kristof?

Also you might want to read my suggestions to the Republican Party that are added in to this on my blog at as to how to win the next election by employing the socialist maneuvers and propaganda tactics. I am educated and I think it is a worthwhile read. I incorporated the principles of Goebbels into or I should say the adapted to 21st century principles of Goebbel’s propaganda machinery in Nazi Germany. Read it there on that other blog of mine linked in this paragraph.
signed gloria poole, RN and artist, writer, prolife activist, Denver CO 80203
6:47 AM 11/9/2008
Update as of 7:08 am:
“Do Something, anything” to end the Abortion Holocaust also. Please read
the comments of Germany’s Angela Merkel in the BBC today as they
commemorate the Nazi Holocaust as a reminder to do something to oppose
evil and killing:
7:09 AM 11/9/2008
Canada and Afghan cooperate to free Canadian Journalist:
Thanks to Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper and Afghanistan’s
President Hamid Karzai!
7:12 AM 11/9/2008