Vote NO to Napolean Obama’s plan to slaughter

Read the BBC article today 10-Nov-2008 at 6:25 am, MT about
Obama pushing Bush out of White House early; and already planning his
bad decisions to make abortions available around the world at
US taxpayer expense, slaughter more babies in the womb to get
their cells, and blocking drilling for oil in America.
Read article at:
6:16 AM 11/10/2008
Quotes :
‘Deliberate haste’

The meeting has been arranged with unusual haste -” [my aside: to tour White
House before time therefore pushing the sense of “get out” to the Bush’s. Obama’s style is sort of like Napolean it seems to me, take,grab,push, usurp,spy,plunder,loot–the values of the democrats on display.]

Another quote:
“In 2001, Mr Bush issued an executive order limiting federal
funding for medical research using human embryo stem cells.
The move was popular with moral conservatives but [abortion-providers of the human crushed bodies who get paid for them] critics say it
has hampered US medical research efforts.
BUSH DECISIONS UNDER FIRE” [that Obama plans to change with
his so-called Executive order that there is no authority in true laws of US Constitution for and which
when Pres Bush did that,the NY Times and every other newspaper
called it usurping power and authority:]
“Limited federal funding for medical research using human embryo
stem cells
Aid groups receiving US aid barred from counselling women about
abortion availability
California barred from imposing minimum standards of vehicle
fuel efficiency
Utah land being opened up for oil and gas drilling .”

Remember that to get embryonic stem cells they slaughter an innocent human being. Obama is a not a good thing for this nation or any nation, if his plan to “stimulate the economy’ means with human flesh and blood shredded for fake research labs, and their human blood poured into recycle containers, and their skulls/brains kept for research. It is abomination, and I am sure from reading my Bible that GOD is not mocked. Oppose the merciless premeditated slaughter of humans in the womb with all that is in you! Defy the devil. Obey GOD’s commandment of ‘thou shalt not kill”. [Exodus 20:13]
added by gloriapoole, RN,artist, writer, prolife activist,missionary, Denver CO 80203