Sodom & Gomorrha, Calif burning to ground; no to Hillary

It seems to me that if there were any pastors, Imams, Rabbis, or Ministers who know the real Bible they would connect the dots in California. That state is the 21st century version of Sodom and Gomorrha that GOD burned to the ground and completely destroyed. You would think they’d catch a clue there. When the entire state burns to the ground and GOD is rid of those sodomites, then the nation will be better off.

Also, what is with the Arkansas Police? Cannot they connect the dots either? It seems so obvious to me. The Arkansas Democrat who knew enough about Bill and Hillary to prevent her being nominated for anything was assassinated by someone paid to do that who was then assassinated. Sort of like that Oswald event. Then the TV reporter who started snooping around asking questions about that political assassination was also assassinated by guess who? Hillary and Bill but of course they were not holding the smoking gun. The Arkansas Police could figure those crimes out if they looked for motives and not tried to hush up the dirty evil tricks of the Clintons. Those are some very wicked people –the Clintons and may GOD spare us as a nation any more of their so-called leadership from h—.

signed gloria poole, RN and artist, Denver CO 80203