Liars, thieves reprobates in Congress are caught!

Should I say I told you so?
Read this article in the Houston Chronicle, courtesy of Google News:
6:40 AM 11/16/2008
Here’s where I told you beforehand about that bad bill: and then scroll to the Sept 29th entry about that bad bill in Congress. 
Read this article in Reuters news today  Nov 18th at 10:32 am:
The gist of that article is that Congress is pretending that they did not know the whole entire ‘financial meltdown’ was a scam to get Obama elected as the [false] saviour of the world. Now they are publicly caught in their lies and webs of deceit. Read that article from Reuters today at:10:34 am 18-Nov-2008 in the link in this paragraph.
And oh yea, I almost forgot. I trust you noticed that the pirates of Kenya emboldened by ‘their President Obama” protection captured a shipping container of oil owned by Saudi Aramco, thus double-crossing the Arabs before he is even in office. When a nation elects a criminal to office,what should they expect? And do not even try to tell me that Obama is not a criminal since he voted every time for the premeditated killing of innocents in the womb by the millions making him an accomplice to crimes against humanity. And what about that jezebel* Hillary-assassin-paying-corrupt-politician-who-killed-off-more-than-one-person-who-knew-too-much? And her equally corrupt and wicked husband? Should the US give them any authority to do anything? That is sort of like empowering Hitler to kill the Jews and all with the government’s approval. That group of thugs should never be in office and it is a travesty of justice that they are and I am convinced that it was not through honest voters being properly counted but through computer manipulation of the vote across the nation. Those guilty of crimes against humanity should not be empowered or enriched by the public! But prosecuted and punished.

  • footnote, the name ‘Jezebel’  is from the Bible about a wicked woman that GOD said the dogs would lick up her blood for scheming to get what was not hers and killing a man to get it. Read the Scriptures for the Bible record of her Judgement Day before GOD.

/s/ gloriapoole, RN and artist, Denver CO 80203