The Nazi Troops are gathering in Washington, DC

Obama’s prodeath agenda for America’s coming generations foretold by
his cabinet:
4:58 PM 11/25/2008

‘Do abortions or leave the country” is the ‘choice’ the wicked want to force
in America also. Quote from article in Lifesite news Nov 24,2008, entitled
‘Zero Tolerance for Dissent” is the game plan for the prodeathers:
“I left England over precisely what we’re seeing now,” Dr. Walley
 said in an interview with earlier this month. “I was told I had to do the abortions, or I could quit the specialty,
or I could leave the country. So I left the country.”
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Anybody who thinks that killing an innocent is a  “right’ is a Hitler,a Stalin, a Mussolini, a Hussein.

Do not deceive yourself about the state of the nation. The fancy speeches of Obama can no more hide his agenda than Hitler could hide his. Oh yea, he hid it for a few years until he nearly destroyed all the Jews and the Christians who were born again, in Germany ,but in the long run, Hitler and his band of assassins did not prevail. There is a scripture that says something like the words of the wicked are smooth like butter but in their hearts is evil. It is evil to kill the innocents. It is a sin against GOD. It is a violation of the Commandments of GOD, and it will bring destruction on America as surely as it brought it to Germany in the 1940’s when the Allies had no ‘choice’ but to destroy Germany and its buildings, churches, businesses, to destroy the gas ovens.  GOD wrote in stone,the words ‘thou shalt not kill’ {Exodus 20:13] and JESUS repeated the message when HE said,’even so it is not the will of your FATHER which is in heaven that one of these little ones should perish.” Matthew 18:14

GOD is not mocked according to Galatians 6:7,and whatsoever a man or nation soweth, that shall it or he also reap. The destruction of America from GOD is already in process. The banks, the financial markets are in ruins,depleted by the money fools invested into abortion clinics and phony research. The nation is imploding and Obama is NOT the Saviour!

/s/ gloriapoole,RN, artist,writer, prolife missionary