US’ Sec of State to be in the control of Microsoft &Saudis??

About Obama’s effort to make sure crooked deals still happen:
“A former SEC commissioner, Ms Schapiro is
currently head of the Financial Services Regulatory Authority.”
There was NO financial services regulation in the US in the past
how many years as proved by Madoff pyramid, e*trade pyramid,
Wall St meltdown when frauds discovered, no cash reserves of
big banks,fraudulent mortgage to people with no income, etc. so of course,
the so-called smart Harvard grad would appoint
the same failed person who did not regulate the industry she was hired to regulate
to yet a more powerful way to fail
on a more grand scale–oversight of all publicly traded securities.
I have realized that the democrats when they know beyond a shadow
of doubt that their previous plan failed massively they just promote
the bad person to a better paying job with more money and power.
Read the BBC article at:
10:11 AM 12/18/2008
Update as of 10:45 am, MT:
And here’s the icing on the fraud cake:
There is an article in the NY Times that is written to supposedly
reassure Americans that Hillary can’t be bought, BUT the content
in the article says she can and with foreign money, the only thing they are quibblig over is the price of that jezebel . The article says
Bill Gates Microsoft Democrat-sponsor, is one of the purse-holders
of Billary and Saudi Arabia it seems is another one. We, the citizens
of the US, who own Microsoft equipped computers KNEW years ago
that Microsoft used that ‘kill’ switch embedded in its operating system
to control what was written and by whom,and used it often when the writer
opposed the democrats; and that Bill Gates gives
millions to both the dems and their blood money cohorts of Planned
Parenthood. So there is no surprise about that announcement. But
what does surprise me some is that the NY Times, a newspaper that
represents many Jews, thinks that the nation would be reassured by
knowing that Billary is also in the pocket of Saudi Arabia! I admit
that is a bit of a surprise to me. And where are the Constitutional
restrictions on those in certain offices NOT taking money or ‘gifts’ from
foreign governments? Would that not exclude Hillary from the Secretary
of State’s job? Oh yea, it would; I know the Obamites are thinking “they can”
dispense with the US Constitution but I am praying that they can’t.
Article at:
10:43 AM 12/18/2008

Update as of 11:23 am, MT:

it seems the very same companies wanting a government bail-out gave millions
to the Clintons according to this quote in the Bloomberg News:
“The list also includes donations from some of the companies
embroiled in the financial crisis, including firms such as insurer
American International Group Inc. that got government aid.
AIG gave between $250,000 and $500,000 to the foundation,
according to the disclosure.

The foundation arms of two other major financial institutions are
among the other donors on the list. The Bank of America
Foundation gave between $500,000 and $1 million, and Citigroup
Inc.’s Citi Foundation contributed between $1 million and
$5 million. Freddie Mac, General Motors Corp. and
Goldman Sachs Group Inc. each gave between $50,000 and
$100,000.’ [end quote]

Now a smart person would say that so called ‘giving’ to
the Clintons whom they expected to be appointed to high places or
put there by rigged voting, was ‘seed money’ to produce kickbacks from Congress
later. Read article at:
11:21 AM 12/18/2008

Worst Congress money could buy is very apparent. And the US is no longer sovereign but

it’s so-called leaders are in the pockets of other nations. That is unconstitutional . Read the

US Constitution about the prohibition on taking gifts from foreign nations while in federal office.

signed gloria poole, RN, and artist, Denver CO 80203

Updated Jan 15th-2009 because nothing has changed except the democrats efforts to block my blog from being read by the public. Hillary and Bill have sold out the U.S. and even the AP Press admits that she ‘intervened’ six times that they know of to get money for Bill’s fake charity. And of course let us not forget what happened today. The so-called TARP funds that was as I was reasonably sure at the time the second biggest fraud perpetrated on the U.S. since supposedly the first one was when Congress voted on a blank piece of paper called the bill legalizing taxes but it was not written and it was a blank rolled paper! Swindling the public is what the Dems do best is it not? They were in control of Congress since 2006 and they used their incumbent power to manipulate the Press, and fooled enough or bought enough votes ,or rigged enough election machines and guess what? Now Obama gets the money! Are you surprised? Because I’m not. He rigged that whole ‘meltdown’ with his grandmother’s help who had inside knowledge of banks in the U.S. Insider trading is what it would be called if she had been in securities and not banking.

/s/ gloria poole, R.N. Denver CO 80203