Caroline is NOT what the US needs!

Here are the reasons for the NY Governor NOT to pick caroline kennedy as the replacement for Hillary Clinton:

1) her uncle Ted killed a woman;

2) her nephew killed a woman;

3) her uncle Robert hired an assassin;

4) her brother not to be outdone, and following in the Kennedy tradition killed TWO women by driving them into the sea, following Ted’s example of getting rid of troublesome women by killing them;

5) she is from a long line of people who have no respect for human life; and she is not prolife.

6) her uncle Ted is bad Senator serving himself and not the US, takes bribes and kickbacks from his ‘special interests’ groups including abortuaries, research labs that chop and shred humans;

7) she is just another lawyer in a nation full of lawyers educated to believe it is their duty to justify crime and evil;

8) she cannot string two sentences together like an adult talking before a group;

9) she is not supposed to be able to buy the Senate seat;

10) she is full of herself;

11) the Kennedy Presidency did not accomplish anything, except photo ops;

12) there are immensely better qualified people for that seat;

13) she has young children and is that not the issue that the feministas used to try to combat Sarah Palin??

14) she has an elderly husband and who will have pressing needs as he ages;

15) and she has no birthright to the US Senate, since nepotism is not the basis for selection to public office in the U.S.

16) socialism was not embodied in the quote ‘ask not what your country can do for you but what you can do for your country’ therefore she betrays the so-called Presidential Kennedy’s ideal for good government;

17) the country does not owe her because her daddy was assassinated for wheeling-dealing with criminals and adulteresses.

/s/ gloria poole, RN, and artist, photographer, missionary, Denver CO 80203/80206; at 2: 54pm on Wednesday Dec 31, 2008 but for some reason the wordpress moved up the time to show tomorrow’s date. They are sneaky people that work for them! They censor illegally, they change the date on posts, they don’t show all posts, and they allow hackers into their blogs! They probably won’t endure over time because of their bad software and censorship but while I have blogs with them, I am going to add my thoughts and words and links to them! Of course as soon as I published this last paragraph the ‘edit’ link appeared to edit the date to show the correct date on this entry. The wordpress code is tinkered with often as I try to add to my blogs, and I attribute that to their location in the state of Massachusetts where the immoral killing Kennedy family calls home and their ‘fruit’ of killing centers has much wealth and political string-pulling capability.