Public Notice to help avoid fraud,crime

Notice to the public and fraud warning about [male] Dana Ben Pappas who is NOT in the Poole family and never was, and who is not authorized on any account for Life Media & Publishing LLP nor on any account of words that WORK,LLP. He is a criminal, a criminal hacker, a thief, an identity thief, a cocaine-addict always looking for some way to plunder loot and steal from someone; and he is a violent abusive man. He is not on any account of mine and has no authority to cancel anything of mine. If your busness or staff is taking orders from him, regarding these business entities, your lawyer should instruct them of the laws of Limited Liability Partnerships [which he is not one of the business partners of either Life Media & Publishing LLP or words that WORK, LLP, and never was, nor is he one of the executives, or managers, or financiers, or employees, or agents, or writers, or producers of them], and of the legal ramifications for fraud and theft and impersonation and stealing identities or names . He is not in any way associated with these LLPs –I am the only executive of them,the only registered agent of them, the only financier of them and the only person who creates/writes the websites of them. He does not speak for me in any way and never did. He is a criminal and should be completely prosecuted if he has infiltrated your system to spy on me or if he has gotten info on my accounts or if he has interfered into my accounts or if he has tried to cancel my accounts, or if he has redirected [stolen] my emails or payments. He is a common criminal always looting plundering according to one of his male ‘clients’ who told me he steals money, razors, supplies every time he was in his house. My second exhusband is named Dana Pappas or alias Dana Papas, or alias Dana Ben Pappas, or alias Dana B Papas, or alias Dena Papas, or alias Dena Pappas, or alias Dana B Pappas, or alias Doris Parsons or alias Ben Pappas, or alias Ben James. {The aliases I know of that he uses –there could be more but my name is not one of them or I should say he has no lawful authority to use my name and never did.] This is a legal notice not to do business with him regarding my business packages with nor about anything concerning me. He does not speak or write or work for me. signed Gloria Poole,R.N. and owner of all the websites, blogs of Life Media & Publishing LLP and also of words that WORK,LLP.Denver CO 80203; landline phone 3038371261ext2707