John Hanna of AP Thanks for exposing Sebelius lies

In the news today is an article written by John Hanna of the Associated Press [AP ] that exposes the lies of Gov Kathleen Sebelius of Kansas, regarding how much money Tiller the Killer gave her for her campaigns. “Tiller the Killer’ is the term given the horrible man who kills near-term babies for pay. He is as gruesome as Hitler! And he is Kathleen Sebelius’ personal friend–they celebrate his heinous victories in the Planned Parenthood bought-and-paid-for-kangaroo-court-of-Kansas. I am certain that there are many lies that are yet to be discovered-those who kill for pay also lie about it–but the set of them that John Hanna exposed was the series of ‘contributions’ to the campaigns of Gov Kathleen Sebelius who is the Puppet of Planned Unparenthood. Sebelius received $35,450 in campaign contributions from Tiller the Killer that could be verified. Of course if you know anything about the BIG ABORTION INDUSTRY that kills innocents in the womb for money, you know he probably gave ten times that amount or hundred times that amount that was under the table. Killers of innocent babies have no integrity, no honor, they are from the devil.

I am glad John Hanna of the AP news had the courage to write that article! It takes courage to take on the Planned Unparenthood Assassins and the Center for Reproductive Killing Legal Arm of it. They are the twin groups from hell—making money off killed babies, killing for fun. They are the most wicked two organizations on the earth because they are predatory, preying upon innocent humans who cannot defend themselves in any way. They make Obama bin Ladin look good because he does not kill innocent B-a-b-i-e-s in the womb. He has more integrity than that. But hey, maybe Osama bin Ladin and his brothers will take down the abortion industry around the world ?? Now that would be serving GOD for certain–taking on the killers of innocents in the womb and defeating them.

/s/ Gloria Poole,R.N. artist, photographer, writer etc; Denver CO 80203; April 13,2009 @ 8:49 pm, Mountain Time, by gloriapoole.

PS I am also the same woman, white, christian, divorced x 2, who is a Registered Nurse licensed with active and current license in Colorado and who owns the domain of that was forwarded to this 360 blog of mine. I am also the artist who painted for years and who has websites of my paintings and sketches, and drawings on the web. The reason it is necessary to write this is because a cybercriminal tried to steal my blog and my domain of my REAL Name and my professional status as R.N. [Registered Nurse] apparently while I was visiting my youngest daughter Leigh in Missouri and her husband Matt over Easter. Cybercrime must be stopped and the criminals sent to federal prison, otherwise the internet will lose the trust of honest people! You may see some of my paintings at:

I also have several websites of my photography of genre scenes. FYI.

P.P.S Also you should know that my second exhusband who is named Dana Ben Pappas [male] is NOT authorized on this blog nor on anything of mine; though he hacked into my yahoo email account to get info the way Sarah Palin’s Yahoo email was hacked. He is a criminal who should be in federal prison and I pray he goes there soon. Do not be fooled by him. He is a crook and con-man and bad man in every way.