Thanks! John Hanna,AP News:exposing Sebelius

John Hanna of the Associated Press [AP] news wrote an article exposing the lies of  Kansas Gov Kathleen Sebelius who is seeking Senate Confirmation. I want to publicly thank him for that–it takes courage to tackle the status quo of killing of innocents, on demand in the US. To sum up his article*,  Gov Sebelius told the Senate that “Tiller the Killer’ as he is known to prolife groups because he kills nearly preterm-babies and sometimes also the women who sign that lethal ‘informed consent’ to kill,  had contributed $12,450 dollars to her campaigns. But the Kansas Government and the research by AP journalist John Hanna revealed that Tiller gave $23,000 more in recorded donations during 2000-2002.

US citizens : does the U.S need any more liars than is already there in the worst congress money could buy? Do we as a nation really have any more tolerance for liars, murderers and con-men and con-women being labeled as reprsenting the United States? Please tell me on what topic is the U.S. united? Because I see no unity in this nation. There are the prolifers vs prodeathers;  the socialist party of Obama vs the US Constitution;  the gimme gimme gimme money group of Wall Street vs the frugal make do or do without group of Main Street; the killers vs the believers in the Commandments of GOD.

Does the U.S. need even one more so-called leader who lies habitually and who ‘hangs with’ killers? Do we? Ask yourself these questions because they are the easy questions. The hard questions are what you going to do about all of this? When are you going to protest such abominations? When are you going to write and post your protest publicly in some way? WHEN?

Read John Hanna’s article at:;_ylt=AuzDpDiWAxbfSCNLSZPl68qs0NUE;_ylu=X3oDMTFlM3NmMXZmBHBvcwM3NgRzZWMDYWNjb3JkaW9uX3BvbGl0aWNzBHNsawNzZWJlbGl1c2xvd2I

/s/ Gloria Poole,R.N. and artist. [gloriapoole]

PS for your information, I am the same woman who has written on the prolife cause since 1991 and spoke about and lobbied as a citizen and also the same woman[white, Christian, divorced x 2] who paints with oils,acrylics, tempera, gouauche, and also  does sketches/ drawings in acrylics, watercolors, powdered pastels, pen/ink, pencils; and who also is a Registered Nurse with an active current license in the State of Colorado. There is an on-going battle between me and criminals for my name that I was born with because it is on many websites and paintings that the criminals want to steal. But I have what lawyers call paper trails back to the beginning of my life about my identity, and people in many states and several countries know me by my name.  Also, I took down two of my websites I had on hosting, since I learned that they were compromised with the help of staff assisting cybercriminals. I want my name to always be honorable/