Truth in “Informed Consents’

A quote reported by the blog ‘Prime Buzz” :
“The measure {Kansas Legislature approved}  would also require

abortion providers to include in the written information they give

women prior to an abortion that the procedure will eliminate a

“whole, separate, unique, living human being.”  Truth in medical procedures is long overdue. The horrors of abortion flourished because of propaganda and disinformation that was deliberate.
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News Article that would appear I predict somewhere during the

years 2025-2050:

The news from the United States is that 100 million children in the

womb were slaughtered mercilessly with no anesthesia given as they

were dismembered and their body parts sent to the phony research

labs for chopping and shredding into human ‘material’ for making

This process became so entrenched in the government and

particularly the US Senate that the Senators there all made their

fortunes on the human flesh and blood of the shredded humans.

During the worst regimes women were subjected to relentless

propaganda to entice them,trick them, force them into producing

humans for consumption by those seeking the fountain of youth.

The details have emerged that the worst regimes were the Clinton

and the Obama regime that forced public policy without vote of

either house of Congress to enact edicts to force the premeditated

slaughter of millions of innocent humans. The humans slaughtered

were sorted into cells, brains, bones, tissues such as muscle, fascia,

tendons, ovaries, testicles and these parts sold to purveyors in

human flesh around the world. The black market that arose for

these parts included China and Russia. Some countries produced

humans ground up for make-up products for women and because

those could not be legally sold in the US an underground market

developed to sell them through the back door of countries like

Afghanistan via the Marie Stopes baby-killing plants there and

through the countries that the US had imperialism control over

through the Planned Parenthood killing centers.
Just as in the days of Hitler when the wealth and gold of the Jews

was confiscated by killing them, the idea that wealth generated in

the US did not belong to families but to the wicked U S Senate and

the US Supreme Court and to the BIG PHARMA companies that

controlled all the wealth of the nation. This was accomplished by a

methodical teaching that humans had a duty to transfer wealth to

certain select groups selected by the US Senate and therefore could

not ‘afford’ to take time out from their menial lives to produce

children and were held as slaves to the monetary gains of the elite

from Harvard University and the US Senate.
  The tools of propaganda that were honed to perfection were merely

enhanced methods first perfected by Goebbels of Germany. Instead

of megaphones attached to trucks that rolled around towns and

cities declaring the ‘duty’ of Germans to kill the Jews, in the US the

medium was movies from Hollywood that made fun of Christians

and mocked those who believe in GOD, the internet that regulated

and suppressed the prolife opinion and the pumping into schools of

the literature purposely prepared to indoctrinate the future men

and women into believing that children were too costly to their

careers and standard of living and therefore had to be aborted to

contribute to the wealth of the elite. The schools became the long

arm of the government requiring every detail to be approved by a

government agent and often government agents unelected by the

people but appointed to office by those in favour with the

 The US eventually became like Herod in the Bible, trying to kill off

all children in the womb so that the elite would get control of all

wealth, and all means of communcation, and travel. Just as in the

days of Herod, a believer often had to seek ways to travel to bypass

the government tightly controlled air transportation where the

risks of illegal searches and seizures of property were the norm.
  The US became so pagan that the even the Name of GOD was

forbidden in public schools. The Commandments of GOD were

considered dangerous to the cause of killing the unborn in mass

scale and therefore were labeled as ‘prohibited’ words on most US

communications and in public schools. The Scriptures became the

communications that could be taught only in the private homes at

secret Bible studies or in confidential meeting places without public

notification of it.
  The public school children were taught that some were alphas and

some were betas. The alphas were selected to get indoctrination and

the betas were routed into menial tasks, and there was no real effort

to educate them and they were pushed through schools for the

money paid to the schools per student. The betas were taught that

they were not supposed to have an opinion of anything and that the

government is ‘always right’ and the taskmaster. The alphas on the

other hand were taught that the government existed for their tool

for conniving from the masses as much of their wealth as possible;

and that any rule that they created was acceptable because they

were taught that there was no GOD in the public schools.
  The killing centers were usually placed in what was once called

minority neighborhoods but after there was an outcry against that

in the year 2008 they started relabeling the neighborhoods to make

the killing centers more socially acceptable. Instead of minority

they used the words ‘slave descendants’ and ‘people with unwanted

children’ to define where they placed the killing centers supported

by the US government. The killing centers were often called ‘clinics’

and they were often of an inferior medical standard that was not as

good as Vetinarians provided for animals. The killing centers had

propaganda on hand for any victim that came there and they

showed it to convince the woman that killing her offspring was the

‘choice’ of theirs and that she had to go along. If the woman brought

along a prolife companion the killing center separated them so the

prolifer could not exert influence on the woman who was expected

to sign a permission form to kill her offspring. It was somewhat like

the movie “Sophie’s choice” of the decades of the 80s. The

jack-booted SS troops of the US government protected the killing

centers so that prolifers could not photograph the dead babies and

the decapitated babies. Prolifers were rounded up intermittently

for protesting, and legally harassed, fined, threatened, and many

lost their jobs, livelihoods, wealth, homes and careers for protesting

the methodical killing of the masses of humans. Also certain states

had known felons that they knew to be violent and abusive and

turned them loose on the unsuspecting public to wreak havoc and

damage but especially to the prolifers who were known to the

  The US was eventually defeated by the nation that GOD raised up,

and the nation does not exist now except for a remnant.
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