NO to Sebelius–she’s RADICAL-killing is her focus

It is appalling to me how hard-headed and evil the US Senate is. Why they would even discuss a RADICAL prodeath woman like Sebelius for head of the agency that is supposed to be about health? DO you define health as being killed in a government run fake clinic? Do you define health as necessitating first being alive? Do you believe that the US government should regulate your conscience NOT to kill or participate in killing? Do you believe that medical clinics should sustain life and not inject you with something to kill you or your baby in the womb? Do you believe that Nazi Medicine will improve health care in America? Because premeditated killing of humans in the pretense of delivering health care was what Hitler’s version of health care ‘services’ was all about. If you want Hitler’s brand of health care then Sebelius is the woman for that purpose–the devil’s own. BUT if you want a health care agency tha is about life –the Dept of Health and Human Services has an enormous amount of unregulated power of emergency rooms, hospitals, doctors, health care insurance plans, drugs,life and death– then vote NO to Sebelius. You cannot have it both ways. If you select a woman who believes that killing solves problems then killing of the sick, handicapped, elderly, babies in the womb, will be what HHS dispenses one way or the other. If you select a person who does not believe that killing is the answer to any problem, and promotes human life and well-being then vote NO to Sebelius, then the HHS will become an agency that supports policies that encourage human life.
Sebelius is a radical as they come. She is personal friends with a notorious sinner named “Tiller the killer” and she gets lots of kickback money from him. She dances with his ‘winning’ in Court after she pulled strings and interfered to make sure he did. Could you spell N-a-z-i M-e-d-i-c-i-n-e of the form that assigned the sick and above the age of 60 to gas chambers after a thirty second triage by M.D.s on the train platforms as the Jews were being railroaded to doom?
VOTE NO TO SEBELIUS. FOR once put the citizens of this nation and the longevity and perpetuity of the nation first in your mind and do not select those who believe in killing innocents for any position.
signed Gloria Poole,R.N. Denver CO 80203; 8:08 AM, MT 28-April-2009