The enemies of GOD live in these States..

I have published the scriptures and the prolife message in one form or another since about 1999 on the internet and since 1991 with spoken words in General Assemblies and at Washington DC as a citizen lobbyist, and with a paper magazine until 1999. Since having put my content on the web I have realized through much persecution that there are certain states that are the enemies of GOD and that there are certain leaders who are the servants of the devil. I am posting notices about this today because I want other Christians not to be fleeced as I was and not to be deceived by them, and to pray for them, that GOD will deliver the U.S. out of the hands of the enemies of GOD and that GOD will protect the true born again believers from destruction that is planned for them in the U.S.

The  states that are the enemies of GOD are:





And the pied pipers leading the nation to total destruction with promises of  lots of money to those who go along to get along with evil of killing of innocents in the womb on a massive wide-scale that dwarfs the holocaust by comparison, and that would go along with forcing sodomy on the nation and teaching that abomination in the public schools as a  false right since GOD said it is a wrong [Leviticus 18:22] are listed below.These are  the enemies of GOD and of the United States:

Hillary Clinton

Bill Clinton

Barach Obama

Nancy Pelosi

Ted Kennedy

John Lewis

Barney Frank

Arlen Specter

And the  internet hosting company that is the enemy of GOD and particularly of Christians is: of Pennsylvania who purposely and through fraud and criminal hacking into my paid for account, destroyed 153 Christian websites including four books of the King James Holy Bible and about 20 prolife websites in an effort to appease those who kill innocents for pay and the sodomite lobby in Washington DC.

Do not do business with them. Pray that GOD will deliver the US out of their hands. Pray that GOD will protect those who love HIM and who publish the word and the Commandments of GOD from the destruction the U.S has planned for them. Pray that GOD will lead the true born again believers to nations where they are free to worship GOD and publish the Word of GOD. Pray that GOD will protect the righteous as Abraham also prayed when he asked GOD not to destroy the righteous.

signed Gloria Poole gloriapoole® at Denver CO 80203 9-May-2009 at 7:53 AM, Mountain Time