I contacted Law Enforcement about cybercrime

Just so the public knows: I contacted law enforcement about cybercriminals hacking into my 1and1.com account using insider knowledge that they gained working for 1and1.com.  The links on this blog have many of my websites and domains that I own still but that are blank [websites down ] because of cybercrime and unscrupulous persons working for 1and1.com who used their knowledge of my account and password to try to hijack my name, my identity and my accounts. I am leaving the links on my blogroll here as documentation that the domains listed in the links blogroll on this blog and in other places belong to me exclusively.  Also  Live Journal another well-known blog platform discovered they had a ‘bot’ using them to steal content and that the spybot was stealing some of my info also and they did act quickly to block that spybot and to protect my blog and identity and name. So hopefully, I am getting all of my websites and accounts straightened out from bad people and getting them back on the web.

Also, FYI, I am importing my blog content from my Yahoo 360 blog that was at http://gloriapoole-RN.com before con-men tried to steal it and then I had to redo that entire website and unforward the domain. What is on my domain of gloriapoole-RN.com is my content again. Read more about the problems that occurred with my 360 Yahoo blog:

And you may see my blog that was always mine but it disguised by Yahoo email with a fake url address to hide my real name and my professional status as a Registered Nurse because Yahoo allowed my then second husband to break into my Yahoo account with my info he got from papers he stole from me that were sent to me by the Probate Court after my daddy died in 2004 at this coded url address:  http://blog.360.yahoo.com/blog-dBfyB.42d6k.3.xSBJ2IyRTc1ZWC/ It is coded because my then
husband was stealing my info to steal my paypal account and plunder my bank accounts and Yahoo knew it for about two years and did nothing about it presumably because they prefer men to women on their network. But the blog is mine and the email address that goes with it of gloriapooleRN at yahoo is mine also since 1996 years before I met that creep and violent evil man. I am divorced from him so not to worry, so now if Yahoo would kick him out of my Yahoo acct and do the right thing the world would have more confidence in Yahoo too. How can anyone trust a company that lets criminals hack into your confidential accounts to steal, loot and plunder your bank accounts? Anyway in the photos you see there, that is me in the wooden  studio chair at TV studio in 2004 [no TV show now] and that is also me holding my youngest daughter Leigh Bills and that is my oldest daughter Jennifer Borelli standing beside me in that photo of me in purple sweater holding Leigh and that is my mother MaryJane standing behind Jennifer, and that is a Poole Family reunion photo in the middle and also that is my photo of my original painting I painted named “Old Savannah Trolley’ and you may see it on these websites of mine: http://gloriapoole.com/paintings, and http://gloriapoole.com/paintings1 and several other sites of mine also. FYI.3:52 PM 6/30/2009

/s? Gloria Poole @ Denver Colorado 80203; @ 3:56PM 30_June-2009


Lawlessness,spilling of blood in US

I am posting an entry here that is the result of my

thinking about these words:

[quote from article in BBC: “Mexican Priest Killed in

Ambush”on 7:57 AM 6/16/2009:
“The law of the jungle, the law of the revolver, of the

gun, the settling of accounts, the spilling of blood,”

now reigned, he was quoted as saying by Mexican

media”[end quote].

The law of the jungle prevails in America too. The

difference is that in America the mainstream Media
‘sanitizes’ it so that it is ‘politically correct’ and
they don’t quote prolifers but prodeathers, and they
don’t report anything that makes those who kill ‘look

bad in public’ and they don’t want to ‘hurt the

feelings’ of reprobates, murderers, and con-men,thieves,
liars, embezzlers, so they drag out ‘psychiatrists’ to

report on how mistreated [they say] that those horrible

people were and they provide taxpayer supported lawyers

to ‘cook up’ a defense for those who kill, rape,

sodomize, molest children [the current Administration’s

effort to help the catholic church avoid million

dollars’ of fines for their so-called priests sodomizing


In the jungle of America, the tiniest most defenseless

in the womb,are put on lists to be destroyed without

mercy on a daily basis. The U S Marshall’s stand at

checkpoints to guard the baby-killing processes

implemented by the U S Supreme Court when they tried to

stage a coup. No one could call that usurpation of power

by the “Justice” run amok,  bloodless however since

somewhere between 60 -100 MILLION innocents have died

because of nine wicked Justices on the US Supreme

Court,in the infamy of Roe v Wade horrible illegal

decision. And those are the numbers for the U.S. When

you add in the numbers of those killed around the world

when that horror of baby-killing was exported abroad by

evil ngos supported with taxpayer money of the U.S. it

is mind-boggling how probably the warning in Revelation

that one-third of the world’s populations would die, is

probably already reality. The corrupt Congress has

abdicated its responsibility to the nation and instead

took bribes, dividends, kickbacks from those who kill. U

S citizens who pay their taxes are unwittingly

supporting mass murders around the globe since the

killing President gave $100 MILLION USD to nations that

would kill the innocents in the womb. People who would

never intentionally support methodical mass murders were

hoodwinked,deceived by treacherous words and billion ad

campaigns of the crowd that believes to save the world

you have to kill the humans.

  The law of the jungle in America is that those who

kill [abortionists] get billion dollar op-ed pieces

written about them and those who are killed [the human

beings in the womb murdered in baby-killing places] are

ignored and ‘blacked out’ from the news. And in the law

of the jungle in America, those who take a shotgun and

blow away children in schools will be written about

endlessly about why they did it and those who were shot

to death will be listed as ‘statistics’, ‘casualties’ or

‘tragedies’ of the ‘system” and they will be treated by

the Justice system as if they did not exist. In the law

of the jungle of America, those who have lots of money

hire crooked lawyers trained by law schools to make a

defense of some sort for the most evil, degenerate,

reprobate people and they do it for the love of money.

In the law of the jungle in America, killing places are

in many neighborhoods where methodical mass murders take

place daily to kill those humans in the womb and the

mainstream media labels it a right while at the same

time focusing on the ‘memorials’ to the Holocaust where

another set of mass murders happened but pretending that

the mass murders against an entire class of humans in

the womb is a so-called ‘right’. In America,the law of

the jungle is the government approved widescale

slaughter of innocents in those horrible places of death

including hospice that kills with legal prescriptions

and IV drips, and those killing places that chop and

slice and dice human flesh and blood to sell the highest

bidding research fake lab that then shreds the humans

and smears their cells and blood on agar plates is the

official propaganda buzz words. But in reality they sell

them to black markets to extract their cells from the

ovaries of the murdered girl babies in the womb, and the

sperm from the gonads of the boy babies and they sell

their joints and their tissues and their flesh for

profit and then they pay their bribes and kickback money

to the wicked in Congress.
  The law of the jungle in Mexico is not as awful as the

law of the jungle in America where almost daily someone

is gunned down and that is the news headlines. The news

seldom reports anything other than the names of those

shot to death but it writes endlessly on the murderers

and the wicked trying to justify their evil. I don’t

usually read the op-ed pieces written to promote Obama

because he is heathen and every deed he has done so far

is another nail in the coffin of America. But I know

that they are there on a daily basis, and I know that

the baby-killing establishment paid journalists to write

those so called ‘op-ed’ opinions and disguise them as

‘news’. And I know that the AMA that should have long

ago took a stand to stop the mass murders in their name,

didn’t and they pretended it did not affect them. In

reality it has destroyed them because the public is not

as stupid as they think and we all as a class of reading

thinking for the most part, figured out long ago that

doctors who kill are not the sort you want to get an

opinion from on any matter.
  In Mexico it seems they call a murderer a murderer

instead of ‘victim of his upbringing’ and it seems they

tell it like it is, in plain ordinary words instead of

billion propaganda campaigns run by those who profit by

killing to think of different words to deceive the

 by Gloria Poole, R.N. and artist, Denver Colorado,

80203 @ 7:38AM, 17-June-2009.

Tiller the killer went back to hell –yea!

I am glad Tiller the killler is dead!  And I think the guy who shot him is a true patriot the sort  that puts convictions about the difference in good and evil, ahead of his own personal self. The sort that was once upon a time trained by the U S Military to put the good of this nation ahead of personal self, and to put one’s life on the line for the greater cause. Fox News says Tiller the killer killed 60,000 humans. Yet  when did the NY Times or the Washington Post write an editorial article grieving for those 60,000 dead? When? And when did mass murderers trump those who believe that  a person who killed 60,000 humans is evil and should be removed from society?  There was a time in the US according to history when protecting the innocent was the purpose of the law;  but  it has been turned on its head as reported this am since  the duties as told by the Washington Post today are for the U S Marshalls I guess as of today is to protect those who kill human beings at the time when they are most vulnerable and innocent and that is in the womb.  The S.S. troops have arrived–one of the hallmarks of evil socialism that pretends to be all things to all people while denying the existence of Holy GOD. 

  I pray that all the evil mass murderers and those complicent in it, go back to hell; and the sooner the better,.And I also  I think those on the way to hell will include Ted Kennedy, Hillary and Bill Clinton, Barach Obama, Nancy Pelosi, those on the Supreme Court who usurped the true law of the U S Constitution to write a fake and illegal law giving stupid and wicked women the so-called right to kill their offspring.  That group is the devil’s own servants.

And all you Jews, remember when Hitler’s S.S. troops guaranteed the ‘right’ to kill Jews and protected the gas ovens from sabatoge so they would work as intended when the Jews arrived by the trainload? Well, look in your neighborhoods and see the S.S. troops equivalent in the U S Marshall’s protecting mass murderers of Jews, Muslims, Christians in the womb.

Evil is the ‘mission’ of the U S now that the baby-killing-administration took over and started pumping millions into the methodical destruction of humans abroad and in the U.S.

I am glad Tiller the killer is dead. And I am also glad that Hitler and Sadam Hussein are too. And I will be more glad when Ted Kennedy, Bill and Hillary Clinton, Obama, and Nancy Pelosi and all their baby-killing establishment are gone back to hell where they belong too. When GOD rids the U S of those who methodical kill innocents in the womb, then the future of the nation will get better and it will prove that GOD is more powerful than evil.

/s/ Gloria Poole,R.N. and artist, Denver CO 80203