Tiller the killer went back to hell –yea!

I am glad Tiller the killler is dead!  And I think the guy who shot him is a true patriot the sort  that puts convictions about the difference in good and evil, ahead of his own personal self. The sort that was once upon a time trained by the U S Military to put the good of this nation ahead of personal self, and to put one’s life on the line for the greater cause. Fox News says Tiller the killer killed 60,000 humans. Yet  when did the NY Times or the Washington Post write an editorial article grieving for those 60,000 dead? When? And when did mass murderers trump those who believe that  a person who killed 60,000 humans is evil and should be removed from society?  There was a time in the US according to history when protecting the innocent was the purpose of the law;  but  it has been turned on its head as reported this am since  the duties as told by the Washington Post today are for the U S Marshalls I guess as of today is to protect those who kill human beings at the time when they are most vulnerable and innocent and that is in the womb.  The S.S. troops have arrived–one of the hallmarks of evil socialism that pretends to be all things to all people while denying the existence of Holy GOD. 

  I pray that all the evil mass murderers and those complicent in it, go back to hell; and the sooner the better,.And I also  I think those on the way to hell will include Ted Kennedy, Hillary and Bill Clinton, Barach Obama, Nancy Pelosi, those on the Supreme Court who usurped the true law of the U S Constitution to write a fake and illegal law giving stupid and wicked women the so-called right to kill their offspring.  That group is the devil’s own servants.

And all you Jews, remember when Hitler’s S.S. troops guaranteed the ‘right’ to kill Jews and protected the gas ovens from sabatoge so they would work as intended when the Jews arrived by the trainload? Well, look in your neighborhoods and see the S.S. troops equivalent in the U S Marshall’s protecting mass murderers of Jews, Muslims, Christians in the womb.

Evil is the ‘mission’ of the U S now that the baby-killing-administration took over and started pumping millions into the methodical destruction of humans abroad and in the U.S.

I am glad Tiller the killer is dead. And I am also glad that Hitler and Sadam Hussein are too. And I will be more glad when Ted Kennedy, Bill and Hillary Clinton, Obama, and Nancy Pelosi and all their baby-killing establishment are gone back to hell where they belong too. When GOD rids the U S of those who methodical kill innocents in the womb, then the future of the nation will get better and it will prove that GOD is more powerful than evil.

/s/ Gloria Poole,R.N. and artist, Denver CO 80203