I contacted Law Enforcement about cybercrime

Just so the public knows: I contacted law enforcement about cybercriminals hacking into my 1and1.com account using insider knowledge that they gained working for 1and1.com.  The links on this blog have many of my websites and domains that I own still but that are blank [websites down ] because of cybercrime and unscrupulous persons working for 1and1.com who used their knowledge of my account and password to try to hijack my name, my identity and my accounts. I am leaving the links on my blogroll here as documentation that the domains listed in the links blogroll on this blog and in other places belong to me exclusively.  Also  Live Journal another well-known blog platform discovered they had a ‘bot’ using them to steal content and that the spybot was stealing some of my info also and they did act quickly to block that spybot and to protect my blog and identity and name. So hopefully, I am getting all of my websites and accounts straightened out from bad people and getting them back on the web.

Also, FYI, I am importing my blog content from my Yahoo 360 blog that was at http://gloriapoole-RN.com before con-men tried to steal it and then I had to redo that entire website and unforward the domain. What is on my domain of gloriapoole-RN.com is my content again. Read more about the problems that occurred with my 360 Yahoo blog:

And you may see my blog that was always mine but it disguised by Yahoo email with a fake url address to hide my real name and my professional status as a Registered Nurse because Yahoo allowed my then second husband to break into my Yahoo account with my info he got from papers he stole from me that were sent to me by the Probate Court after my daddy died in 2004 at this coded url address:  http://blog.360.yahoo.com/blog-dBfyB.42d6k.3.xSBJ2IyRTc1ZWC/ It is coded because my then
husband was stealing my info to steal my paypal account and plunder my bank accounts and Yahoo knew it for about two years and did nothing about it presumably because they prefer men to women on their network. But the blog is mine and the email address that goes with it of gloriapooleRN at yahoo is mine also since 1996 years before I met that creep and violent evil man. I am divorced from him so not to worry, so now if Yahoo would kick him out of my Yahoo acct and do the right thing the world would have more confidence in Yahoo too. How can anyone trust a company that lets criminals hack into your confidential accounts to steal, loot and plunder your bank accounts? Anyway in the photos you see there, that is me in the wooden  studio chair at TV studio in 2004 [no TV show now] and that is also me holding my youngest daughter Leigh Bills and that is my oldest daughter Jennifer Borelli standing beside me in that photo of me in purple sweater holding Leigh and that is my mother MaryJane standing behind Jennifer, and that is a Poole Family reunion photo in the middle and also that is my photo of my original painting I painted named “Old Savannah Trolley’ and you may see it on these websites of mine: http://gloriapoole.com/paintings, and http://gloriapoole.com/paintings1 and several other sites of mine also. FYI.3:52 PM 6/30/2009

/s? Gloria Poole @ Denver Colorado 80203; @ 3:56PM 30_June-2009