WaPo and selling the news to highest bidder

In the Yahoo news today is one of the most compelling stories of the mess the United States is in. The Washington Post apparently sent a flier telling big monied interests including health care lobbyists that they could have access to the Washington Post ‘s so-called journalists for merely $250,000 AND have an “intimate” dinner with those who prostitute the news and the government all in one fell swoop. Are you impressed?  Because I am not.

Of course we as a nation all realized long ago (about 3 decades) that the Washington Post is only the rubber stamp of approval for the liberals in D.C. Years ago I went to Washington D.C as a citizen to lobby the Senators and Representatives asking them to pass public law protecting the innocents. I prepared as a Registered Nurse a set of information about how humans are born and the Scriptures about human life. But the Senators and particularly Hillary and Ted Killers of innocents ‘do not talk to prolifers’ was the responses of their staffers.  And a few of the staffers in other congressional offices including the U S Senate asked me what I had to give them in return for ‘access’ to even an Aide of theirs? I was not offering bribes–I don’t do that and never did, and I was a bit shocked at that time that they were so blatant in their expectation of graft. Now it does not shock me. The big money pay-offs of the Obama political Stalin-Hitler-Kennedy-Clinton killing regimes have made the nation reel from an ever dizzying indebtedness of this nation to almost every foreign nation in the world. In exchange for photo-ops with their leaders the U S so-called leaders of Obama, Pelosi, and Clintons have sold out America and guess which countries hold the mortgages on America? China has the largest, followed by Japan, then Russia, then Germany, then Arabic bloc of nations, and  almost every industrialized nation has loaned the U S money in the BILLIONS of dollars. In fact, China is owed nearly a trillion dollars and guess why Hillary and Nancy Pelosi were there?? Trying to bargain better terms on loan payments!

 Did you ever think you would see the time in America when the nation was in debt to every other nation of the world? That is the Clintons and the Pelosis and the Socialist-Communist Parties of America’s doing. They believe that you buy influence and then you postpone the payments, or you buy Judges and put them to rule. Will evil win in America? Only GOD could save this nation now but the article about the offer by the publisher of the Washington Post to pimp their journalists does not bode well for America.

There is a scripture that says “the vile person shall no more be called liberal, nor the churl [miser;greedy] said to be bountiful.”  [when the eternal KING rules, see other verses]. Isaiah 32:5. In America we as a nation have been ruled for too long by the ‘liberals’ and by the churlish.

/s/ Gloria Poole, @ 10:14AM, 3-July-2009; Denver Colorado 80203;

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