No to Con-Women Judges & Obama-takeover

I am writing this for two reasons: I read in the NY Times that Sotomayer gave evasive answers to some questions. That is reason enough to eliminate her. If a Judge trained in the law gives evasive questions it is for the purpose of misleading. Remember the infamous Bill Clinton saying it depends on the definition of a word rather than admitting guilt? My daddy always taught us [I have five siblings] to look him in the eye [make eye contact with all] and to answer straight-forwardly and truthfully. Sotomayer is not honest or she would answer the questions. If her colleague believes her to be proabort then there is a reason for that. People get their impressions from somewhere and if he worked alongside her [the definition of the word colleague] then he would know what cases she was involved. Evasive people are not trust-worthy. Also here’s the questions that the Republicans should ask : 1) what is Ms Sotomayer’s connection to Planned Parenthood since the nation knows now that the Planned Parenthood paid many of Obama’s fees and supporteed him in his run for the U S Senate and vice versa. And 2) what is Ms Sotomayer’s relationship to the Center for Reproductive [killing] Rights in NYC? and 3) What contributions did she receive from Emily’s List or Center for Reproductive [Killing] Rights or Planned Parenthood at any time? The U S has a right to know whose pocket the Judges are in. And regarding the title to this entry, I read in NY Times that Obama is eyeing the Medicare fund, planning to raid it. AS IF it had money in it. It was plundered long ago by crooks to pay for the Kennedy’s and the Clintons and the Obamas to live as kings and queens. Obama is a liar, a con-man on the order of Bernie Madoff. It took my four yrs and 10 months married* to well-trained-by-catholics-swindler to recognize the signs of one but I think I have much better insight into them now. Maybe a white woman who was previously married to a hispanic con-man fraudster abuser of women could make much better decisions than a person who did not have that experience?? The Bernie Madoffs, and the Marc Driers, and the Barack Obamas, and the Sonia Sotomayers are the death bell for America because they with their socialist attitude of take whatever they can get away with, has put America in debt to every nation of the world, where even a few days ago the U S Treasurer was in the Arabic nations trying to find funding. The Obamas with their massive ‘rewards programs’ for swindlers, crooks, embezzlers, and self-seeking money managers has reduced every office of the federal government to puppets of other nations’ money, and to begging for loans. It is a shame, a sham, and a disgrace. I put Dillinger on Barack’s name to remind of John Dillinger the infamous public enemy number one decades ago and from his same money-laundering, corrupt politics, neck of the woods. *Footnote now divorced second time from that devil and divorced since Oct 2007. /s/ Gloria Poole, @ Denver Colorado 80203 @ 9;27 AM -16-July-2009 Update at 10:12 after reading op-ed piece in the Denver Post by Rosen entitled, “Yes they’re Socialists” referring to Obama and his band of criminals. But I looked up the Commnist Manifesto since GOD put it into my heart in the early 90s to do that and I remembered some features of it and after quickly reading it again I disagree with Rosen and I say they are communists. Here are some of the main points of the Communist Manifesto and quotes have quotation marks on them: In the “Bourgeoisie and Proletariat” section are the words “class antagonism” created by taxing the rich to give to the poor, and is essentially redistribution of assets but not from family to family or generation to generation but from worker to government to those considered party-approved. In the US there is developing a hatred of the well-to-do, the rich, and the successful and I mean honest people. There should be a hatred of those who defraud, swindle and cheat at any level! And the words, ‘bougeoisie [defined as those who are producers of income and wealth] caused ‘naked, shameless, direct, brutal exploitation” . In the U S that translates into a hatred of the generous and the wealthy who prospered by obeying GOD’s laws especially, but generally of anyone with any means to live well. Destroying the wealth and income and influence of good Medical Doctors is more the reason of Obamacare than dispensing of measures inducing life. It says the systems produces ‘enormous cities’ and it labels rural life as ‘idiocy’ . Is that not the precise attitude taught in the U S public schools about farmers and rural life? .It calls the proletariat [working for wages] people a ‘dangerous class’ and ‘social scum’ ‘without property’ and says of the Communist party : “their mission is to destroy all previous securities for and insurance of individual property’. Isn’t that exactly what Obama and his communists have done? Used manipulation to destroy the entire Securities and wealth concept in the U S and redirected; channeled control of those to themselves? Has not Obama taken over the auto industry, the banking industry, the communications, the Press, the control of ALL money flowing into or out of the U S? Hasn’t he through his series of frauds caused people everywhere to distrust the banks because he is nationalizing communizing them? “In the “Proletariat and Communist” section it says the aim of the Communists is to form a proletariat class to pit one class against other , to ‘overthrow bourgeois” and ‘conquest of political power by proletariat’ and ‘abolition of bourgeois property ” . Remember the takeover of private property in Connecticut? And remember that Obamacare is intended to destroy all the wealthy except the Kennedys, Clintons and Obama communists. To be continued saving as precaution.. It says, ‘capital is a social power’ and that ‘capital is converted into common property’, and ‘the abolition of bourgeois individuality, bourgeouis independence, and bourgeouis freedom is undoubtedly aimed at” and ‘communist abolition of buying and selling’ and ‘abolition of the family [Aufhebung] and ‘the bourgeouis family will vanish” and ‘rescue education from the influence of the ruling class’, and “the bourgeois clap-trap about the family and education about the hallowed co-relation of parents and child becomes all the more disgusting’ and the ‘real point aimed at is to do away with the status of women’, and ‘communism abolishes eternal truths [such as Freedom and Justice in previous paragraph], it abolishes all religion and all morality…” . Ask yourself what is the real effect of the so-called women’s movement? Did it help women by creating a situation where they could not count on thier husbands for ANYTHING? Did it help women by making their offspring tools to be be bartered with in Congress? Did it help women to reduce them to beggars when they are pregnant and the laws no longer require husbands to support their wives or exwives they abandoned and mistreated? Is the nation better off because Obama and his band of communists used political power to take down my Christian websites for opposing Obama and the killers of innocents? Is a secular heathen godless nation better ? NOT ! Does any nation that wages war against the unborn preborn have a future? saving again as precaution, to be continued… Has it helped America to be ‘changed’ by Obama to a communist nation where all production is controlled by Obama? Has it helped the nation to have those ngos whose sole purpose is the destruction of human life and therefore family like Planned {un)Parenthood, Center for Reproductive Killing, U N Family depopulation plan called Millenium Plan, to be enriched with taxpayers money through dozens of secretive funds including the defense dept, the NIH budget, the Medicaid budget, the Medicare budget, and nearly EVERY federal budget whether directly or in disguise? Here is another quote from the Communist Manifesto: goal is to ‘centralize all production in the hands of The State”. Is that not the stated goal of Obama and his communists? If you want to educate yourself for the purpose of seeing the truth and how those principles are being sneakily forced on the nation then Google the words “communist manifesto’ or read them at the website of If you did not understand that I am OPPOSED to socialism and its more leftist cousin communism, let me be perfectly clear. They will destroy the United States as clearly as they destroyed Russia and I am absolutely opposed to both forms of extremist governments! /s/ Gloria Poole @ 10:40 -16-July-2009 Denver Colorado 80203