U.S. Human Life Matters, Vote PROLIFE!

Human Being in amniotic sac w/ placenta
Human Being in amniotic sac w/ placenta

I am adding this photo of mine* to this blog of mine for several reasons.

It is showing as added in the rough draft. I am praying it appears when published! But if not, then view a series of photos of medical images of human beings in the womb at :


and read about the 16,000 Christian medical doctors and a former M.I.T research scientist suing the National Institute of Health to make them stop destroying tiny humans for ‘research’, at this site:


If for some reason, [like yesterday when there was such a flood of traffic per computerworld to Google servers that Google was at risk] and the photos on these sites are not loading properly, then the same photos are on my respository sites at:



It is waaaaaaaaaaaaaaay past time to make the civil liberties of humans in the womb, the number one priority of this nation. The civil liberties of blacks is a done deal, the civil liberties of native Indians is a done deal. and those groups could and should move on to the next civil rights march and that is for the innocents in the womb.

I read in the NY Times today and article that Harvard University has a policy to prevent its medical students and /or staff/ professors from talking to the media. Obviously that is a violation of the First Amendment from the get-go! But Harvard Law school is the lynchpin of that abomination abortion on demand, and it is trying to hold onto its killing record numbers of embryoes in the false name of research AND its Christian endowments at the same time.  Their plan was to exercise prior restraint of civil liberties of anyone educated enough to know that killing of humans is a wrong, not a right.  I have long opposed Harvard and their lack of real education in truth, and medical facts to their student body en masse, and for that matter every University that graduates students without so much as one science class or one anatomy class. How is it possible to call a person ‘learned’ as the Bible writes or ‘college-educated’ who has merely been trained to recite dogma of the Planned Parenthood killing group or of the Centre for Reproductive [Killing] so-called rights, evil groups?  How is it possible to call a person educated whose entire college experience was built on basketball, buying term papers and influence? How is it possible that so called college-educated people in the U S could graduate from Harvard or any University with no math or finance classes, no science or anatomy or biology classes? How is it possible that they could spend upwards of $100,000 at Harvard usually of other people’s money and learn almost nothing but how to get elected to office?

This entry today at 8:17 AM, 2-Sept-2009 by me Gloria Poole, R.N. and owner of this blog acct and this blog and of course, my very name, is about pushing for the nation to recognize that the citizens of this nation have a duty to represent the nation and to vote into office prolifers and to not vote in those who are not prolife. And to not allow any group Harvard or otherwise to usurp civil liberties of speech, press, liberty to worship GOD and adhere to HIS Commandments and teach others to do so also, and the liberty to protest government.

/s/ Gloria Poole, R.N. artist and photographer writer,

* footnote: these digital photos are my own photos but the original paper photos are from a medical textbook entitled ” From Conception to Birth: The Drama of Life’s Beginnings’ by Roberts Rugh and Landrum B Shettles, M.D.s and it is a most wonderful book. Dr Rugh was a professor at College of  Physicians and Surgeons in NY and a graduate of Columbia University when the book was written. And Dr Shettles was a graduate of Johns Hopkins University of Medicine and a professor of Clinical Obstetrics and Gynecology at the same Physicians and Surgeons in NY, at the time they wrote this book. Richard N Einhorn  who colloborated with them was a winner of the Jesse Neal Editorial Achievement Award and a Sloan-Rockefeller Fellow in the Advanced Science Writing program at Columbia University at the time. I thank them publicly for the wonderful book they wrote that is one of the most excellent prolife resources I have ever encountered.  I rephotographed a few of  their photos and put a few of them on the news for life site for teaching purposes only, not for commercial gain. FYI.  In other words, used in the guidelines of fair use for teaching purposes of copyright laws.