How I define socialism & Obama is Socialist

There are several op-ed pieces in the NY Times today about the meaning of socialism in 2009 but it is the same meaning whatever the year. I want to sum up how I define it from when I studied the opposite of it [the U S Constitution , and the Bible’s definition of liberty, and juxtapose the tenets of each so you understand the differences.  It is written, ‘…THE LORD [GOD] is that Spirit, and where THE SPIRIT of THE LORD is, there is liberty.” II Corinthians 3:17, King James Holy Bible . I am beginning with that scripture because it makes it plain that obedience to GOD and nations  listening too and obeying GOD brings liberty to the nation.  The republican Constitution is republican because it created a republic. The U S is a republic not a democracy. There are some so-called educated people in the U S and other countries also that never studied the forms of governments in any meaningful way and learned only canned programmed propaganda. I want to overcome that propaganda and teach people to think the right way according to GOD’s standards, because it is GOD’s standards you each will be judged by on HIS Final Day of Judgement, whether you are sent to heaven or to hell.

 A republic is defined as a country where the ‘supreme power is held by a certain portion of the people as a whole, who elect their representatives, and executive officers who are directly accountable to the people [able to be replaced at the next election.] Socialism is defined as “the economic doctrine that there should be public [government] ownership of the principal means of production and  wealth, and an ‘equitable’ redistribution of opportunity and the rewards of labor ” based upon the writings of Karl Marx. [Definitions from Winston’s English Dictionary .] In other words in socialism the government owns everything even your private personal property, and they give it to whomever they want;  and the government decides who prospers and who doesn’t, instead of the amount of labor and dedication one puts into one’s work.  A democracy is where the people themselves decide every issue and there is no representative government. An example would be if all citizens in the U S who had computers for instance voted on every bill presented to the nation to say yea or nay on.  The votes of the citizens would be tallied by computer and the majority votes would win in each situation. Each citizen would represent his or her own family own’s best interest, and there would be no Congress. I personally do not think a true democracy is do-able, workable for any nation because of the sheer numbers of people and because there would be no way to debate the issues except by internet, which is a pretty good method until socialists and/or communists’ tactics to suppress freedom of speech/ press/ religion/ to protest the government,  tried to take over the internt to prevent that public discussion of leaders in America.

The idea of a republic where a district votes to elect someone from their midst to represent them is a good idea, and it brings the different districts into a public setting supposedly –the Congress,though the visitors’ gallery there is policed like the KGB,and does not allow even a pen /pencil or sheet of paper to be taken into it–they are afraid you will write down how empty it was and who did not show up to vote, and how they voted and how the issues were not allowed debate but were decided by a committee of 5-6 people shutting out the senators from some states. I was threatened with arrest by the Capitol Police when I went to the U S Senate and U S House of Representatives at different times to sit in on the discussions and take notes. They said if I did not give them my pen and paper they’d arrest me! So much for liberty ! Or a free unregulated press either.  It is supposed to condense the ideas represented to what is good for the entire district, taking all citizens needs into account, but it is not a government decision-making power over every realm of your life.

When the government is making all the rules for every matter,that is socialism. When the government is buying up all real estate properties, and all industries that is socialism. When the government is fixing prices, that is socialism. When the government owns the banks and all the money that is socialism.  When the government is confiscating private property, that is socialism. When the government has an ‘everything belongs to everybody’ that is socialism. When the government is trying to manage the population that is socialism. When the government is killing off one class of people in order to give more ‘benefits’ to other classes of people that is socialism. When the government leaders have so entrenched themselves as to be able to be in office for 50 years with no competition that is socialism [and probably corruption too]. When there is no meaningful debate on the issues and the so-called “judiciary’ [legal ] committee decides what gets discussed and by whom, on floor of Congressional house of Senate or Representatives,that is socialism. When the government decides who gets a ‘permit’ to protest that is communism. When the government decides that there will not be any positive reference to GOD in any form in society, that is communism. Communism includes all those others plans of socialist but is more extreme, more to the left on the gradient, more invasive, more oppressive, more killing of humans physically and spiritually and psychologically. When the government is listening in on phone calls of the citizens and putting up cameras on the streets and hacking into privately owned computers, that is communism.

The progression is as follows:

 extreme communist–>socialism..>Constitutional Monarchy->republic.

As the people wake up and throw off repressive, oppressive regimes they seem to move through stages, and of course in some nations it goes backward  from republic to communist. Think of eastern Europe when the USSR took them over for decades.  I think when a nation forsakes GOD, then GOD leads them into bondage. Think of GOD sending the Jews into 400 years of bondage in Egypt, and then when they lamented and wailed and began to repent GOD led them from Egypt by Moses. GOD is in THE ONE who decides the outcomes of the leaders and HE raises up the leaders, {kings the Bible says] that will accomplish HIS plan at that time for those people. GOD told the people that HE should be THE ONLY GOD, but some demanded a king and GOD gave them a king and then they wailed about it. GOD said to them that such a leader over them would confiscate their wealth, conscript their boys into military, control the wives of their men, etc, but they would not listen. 

I am opposed to all the -ism governments including communism, socialism, buddhism, fascism, totalitarianism, that are all varying degrees of the bad idea that government should be all solutions. Governments have some solutions when there are restraints on them but when left unbridled they are like a runaway stallion. It takes a mighty strong force to stop them then. A better analogy that I have written often is that unrestrained government is like a steam roller set on a hill with the brake off. When it starts to slide it will be slam-bang to the bottom squashing everything and everybody in its path.

The U S Constitution restrained the powers of a federal [centralized]government and it restrained the powers of the states. But the socialists  in this nation removed the teaching of the words of the Constitution from the schools in probably the 1930’s [not sure –I was not alive then but that is when socialist movements began in America] . And I object when op-ed pieces tell the public that unless a person is a card-carrying member of the Socialist Party that it is ridiculous to call them that. IF they adhere too, and teach and believe and implement the doctrines of the socialist party they are socialists. If you call a pig a chicken it does not make it so. If it looks like a pig and smells like a pig, and snorts like a pig, and burrows in the muck  like a pig it is a pig, not a chicken. A Socialist is a person who believes the government is the answer to all problems. I believe GOD is the answer to all problems.  Obama is a socialist and so are the Clintons, and Nancy Pelosi and many in Congress and on the Supreme Court.

/s/ Gloria Poole, Denver Colorado 80203 @ 8:48 AM, 15-Sept-2009

Also note. that  I Gloria Poole am the only owner of this blog and wordpress account and obviously of my name Gloria. The added in links showing at the bottom of my entry in the preview that are defenses of Obama were put there by cybercriminals who hacked into my blog. I do not defend Obama because he is a socialist and a complicent in mass murders of innocents. And I do not appreciate cybercriminals hacking into any account of mine. For the record!