Congress Vote NO to killing plan!

I am writing this because finally the NY Times has had the moral courage to bring up the real subject in the news today. There are two articles in the NY Times about the attempt by the Congress to rewrite the basics of this nation and the outrage of the people about it. One of the articles i s about the states that are furious that the Congress is trying to override State’s rights. You may read that article at:

The other article is about the plan that was the plan all along and is the real intent of the fake reform bill and that is to codify premeditated killing of innocents as a so-called right. That evil is always a wrong. There is no such right as the right to kill one’s offspring!  The entire and sole purpose of the fake reform bill is to codify as public law abortion. There is NO ONE in this nation except those who profit from killing, who want any such law on our nation’s books. There is no law in the U S currently that authorizes any killing. The US Supreme Court has no authority whatsoever to write new laws. They never did. There is no law that authorizes abortion or codifies it as a ‘right.” For Congress to establish any new right requires a Constitutional Amendment that the people have to vote on and that 2/3 of the states have to agree on before it becomes law. That would NEVER happen in the U S and the wicked know it. That is why they are holding out the poison apple of ‘free insurance’ [that destroys the nation] and ‘health care for all’ [that kills the most vulnerable] and big oppressive government fining the poor for being poor and unable to afford BIG government premiums.

I am always opposed to any form of killing of innocents. There is no right to kill! There never will be. Because GOD is still GOD and HE is not mocked according to Galatians 6:7,  as written,’be not deceived. GOD is not mocked. For whatsoever a man [or nation] soweth that shall it also reap.”

 The nation that puts into place a plan to kill will be destroyed. If you doubt that then study history. Study the Bible. The nations who thought they could defy GOD HIMSELF and thrive are legion. They didn’t. They ceased to exist as world powers in 100% of the situations where they tried to write public laws mocking GOD. Study ancient Greece, ancient Rome, ancient civilizations all the way back too and including Mesopotamia, Canaan, the native American tribes that killed the white settlers, the Latin American Indian tribes that killed the missionaries, study each and every one and see for yourself where on the scale of world power they are today.

This nation cannot mock GOD and get away with it. GOD wrote in stone, “thou shalt not kill’ as a commandment and that commandment undoes every act of killing as legitimate. There is no such right as the right to kill one’s offspring in the womb. There never will be. GOD is not mocked! For the federal government big government despots like Obama/Hitler  who try to decieve all the people all the time with fancy words and deceitful lies there will be a judgement day from GOD.  How and when that will be is up to GOD HIMSELF. But it will happen because GOD promised  in many scriptures that HE avenges innocent blood shed.

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