“Reform’ is to prevent life-saving! Warnings.

These quotes are from an article in the Wall Street Journal online news quoting medical doctors stating what effect the Obama-Baucus-fake-reform will accomplish on the delivery of health care to the nation:

“Jack Lewin, who heads the American College of Cardiology, said in an interview that the crackdown will cause “a horrible disruption” that will force many community and independent practices to close their doors, lay off staff or make senior patients wait days or weeks for tests and services.” 

 And also: “And this change is applied to all expensive equipment, not just MRIs and CTs, so payments for antitumor radiation therapy will fall by up to 44%. The American Society for Radiation Oncology says it “will have a devastating effect on cancer patients’ access to care.” and also: “Dr. Lewin told us that both HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius and budget director Peter Orszag refuse to meet with him to discuss the topic.” and also: “If Democrats are going to stomp on specialists, they should at least be open about it. Then again, all Americans might take a different view of health-care “reform” if they understood that it means snuffing out the best medicine.” This from article in the Wall Street Journal online today at: http://online.wsj.com/article/SB10001424052748704471504574443472658898710.html/ 10:54 AM 10/6/2009 ”

/s/ Gloria Poole,R.N., and artist in oils, Denver Co 80203 @ 11:08 AM-6-Oct-2009