Big Red Nebraska leading the nation!

I read in the NY Times this am an article about the Nebraska Board of Regents considering setting stricter limits on embryonic stem research than the current administration in Washington wants, and these are my comments about that. Embryonic stem cell research by any name is an abomination. It cannot be anything but that since it is premeditated destruction of the tiniest most defenseless humans.  Killing of the innocent for any reason is forbidden by the Commandment of GOD as written, ‘thou shalt not kill”. There should never be any such label stuck on  a human as being ‘leftover’ material for research! It is abomination.  And some of the very same people who would be literally tearing down the walls of Congress if the debate was if Jews should be gassed to death for research are putting forward arguments in favor of premeditated killing of the tiny Jews-Arabic-Christians in the wombs of women. The ‘fence’ is between right and wrong not between races or ethnic groups or religions. Killing with deliberation an innocent person is always a wrong, never a right.

The fact that Nebraska is considering bucking the President’s agenda who wants to kill more innocents, means they are leading the nation in a return to righteousness.  I am praying that they have the moral courage to do that and to do it very well. To defy evil and not back down takes a lot of gumption, a lot of committment, and a lot of perserverance.

I know of what I write on this topic having been persecuted for decades as a Registered Nurse opposed to any form of  medical killing and publicly saying so, and living by it.  There were many forms of retaliation against me for being prolife and putting my beliefs on the line in jobs, and it began when that vile B Clinton was President and pushing his baby-killing-agenda for fetal research. Since then the wicked have tried to push the limits even further to the bottom lowest rung of degradation and depravity to include the tiniest embryoes. Of course those with any sort of medical or nursing training know that the real issue is that the proaborts are trying desperately to find some way to sneak by Congress a bill to codify abortion as law. There really is not such law as the right to abortion since the U S Supreme Court never was authorized to write/create new law, and the wicked know their days are numbered. They know beyond a shadow of doubt that there will come a time when GOD will stop their evil and it won’t be pretty to behold. It will be terrible massive destruction to this nation, when GOD’s judgement day comes for that evil.

Nebraska has a nickname of Big Red {Cornhusker] and they are some mighty fine people there. Some of the best people in the world live in Nebraska, and Nebraska could feed the entire world with the grain it produces and it does ship that grain to almost anywhere. They are good people there and prolife and thank GOD. I am praying for them to do the right thing and stop embryonic stem cell research there altogether and make a stand for human life.

Also, I am moved to the beautiful state of Missouri and I am happy! Life is better already and I feel much safer here. Many of my same ways of contacting me are still mine and my cell phones and google phone are the same, and I have a new number here; but no longer any 303 numbers. Just so you know.  There are ways to contact me in other words if you are interested in my paintings, or sketches or writings.

(s) Gloria Poole, Missouri, 19_Nov-2009 @ 1:27 pm by my clock on computer but it sometimes does it own thing!