Congress, Vote NO to evil plan

Open Letter to Congress:

I am writing again to protest the attempt of Congress to

rewrite the rules of health care delivery to make it a

plan to bankrupt the nation and pay for killing of

innocents instead of giving any meaningful health care

to anyone. And also to protest again the contrived set

of letters published in the NY Times today that are

carefully selected by their paid prodeather- staff  to

attempt to generate/ drum up support for a cause that

is not a cause for the American people in general.

The citizens of this nation are not in favor of the

government using taxpayer monies to kill off other

citizens including those in the womb, but they are in

favor of the death penalty for heinous crimes.  Those are

two entirely different standards. In an abortion, a tiny human

who is totally innocent is destroyed methodically and inhumanely without any right to defend the self against attack, or any right to be

heard in a court of law, but the tiny human is destroyed for the sins

of the mother or father and their wicked cold hearts. On the other hand, when a convicted murderer is put to death by the government after a fair trial and an appeal, that is the punishment defined by GOD in Genesis 9:6, for those sins.

It is not the duty of Congress to ever lay a plan/scheme to depopulate the nation. It is also not the duty of Congress to define how citizens spend their own money,so therefore it is not the duty of Congress of mandate that citizens buy anything! It is a gross violation of civil liberties. And it has never been the principle in this country [some countries do punish debtors with prison but the U S never has] to make a person serve prison time for merely being poor. Yet the health care reform resolution has a huge fine attached to the penalty of not buying a service. What happens if the person or family that was too poor to afford the huge monthly outlays of money for insurance also is too poor to pay the fine? Will the person go to jail for being poor? The plan will shift the money for health care services to the judges and lawyers and maybe that is the underhanded sneaky way to improve the standard of living for rich Judges and lawyers?  When most of the 34 million { I think I read that figure a few days ago] who are not insured still cannot or will not afford the insurance and then is fined by a court somewhere, what happens then? The unpaid fines are dealt with how? Do mothers and fathers who were providing for their families and praying to stay well, suddenly become unemployable because of unpaid fines to a court system for a misdemeanor that shows up on background checks, or what happens?

The plan is bad in so many ways. It is evil because it’s intent is to pay for abortions. It is evil because it changes the U S government into a tyranny. It is evil because it pits the older generation against the younger child-bearing generation.It is evil because it totally ignores the U S Constitution and the Amendments to it. It is evil because it intends to provide certain services to anyone regardless of citizenship.

Also it is evil because it violates the Commandment of GOD of “thou shalt not kill’ {Exodus 20:13} in its plan to label killing of innocents in womb as ‘health care’ and pay for it or force taxpayers collectively to pay for it.

Also, on another topic I would like to know what is the connection to the woman Salehi who broke the barriers of the White House security to Joseph Biden? Since she was photographed in an intimate pose with him? Is she his other woman ? Or what? How could she possibly have gotten into the most secure site in the world supposedly without inside connections? And who were they? Who sold out the President? I am no Obama fan because of his political behaviours and words that are against human life, but I think that the White House has to be secure whoever lives in it, and that the State Dinner also have to be since supposedly those are for dignataries and a way of the nation hostessing other nations’ diplomats, ambassadors, etc. That whole event of Salehi’s totally undid the meaning of a State dinner for purpose and turned it into more of keg party.

Also I would like to know why the NY Times publishes on the front page an op-ed piece promoting the cahtolic church when they certainly do not post articles or op-ed pieces there promoting the Baptist churchs or the Southern Baptist legislators, and making a point of identifying them as Southern Baptist. Why does the NY Times do the bidding of the catholic church?  Could you spell K-e-n-n-e-dy M-O-N-E-Y?

(s) Gloria Poole, Missouri.

I have moved to Missouri about six weeks ago and am settling in and really like this state! It is a beautiful state and friendly people.

The time is 8:50AM, central time, 10-Dec-2009. I published this a few minutes ago supposedly but wordpress has  a trick built in to their software for prolifers that changes the time of the entry to totally wrong then when the author changes to edit the time,it unpublishes the entry. Therefore I am publishing it again.