Where’s the Justice for the innocents?

I read an article in the Columbia Tribune  of Columbia Missouri, this am and I am glad it was written. Thank you for covering/writing the
prolife point of view.
And here is my reaction to the statement by so-called defense attorneys for Scott Roeder: being prolife,
and believing that humans are made in the very image of GOD, with the intellect and emotions and physical appearance
like unto GOD [see Genesis 1:27 for exact words or read it in footnote*] and also believing the commandments of GOD
and the scripture verse in Genesis 9:6 ** are not unreasonable beliefs. And for you to apply that word ‘unreasonable’
to the people who believe in GOD and the words of GOD is religious discrimination on the face of it. What is unreasonable
is the lack of the US Justice Dept seeking any justice for the innocent. What is unreasonable is the refusal by the
US Justice Dept to file RICO charges against 1) Center for Reproductive Rights as they call it,
but GOD would call it evil, and 2) Nancy Northup individually, and 3) Vicki Saporta individually,
and 4) National Abortion Federation as they call it, but GOD would call it abomination, and 5) Kathy Spillar individually,
and 6) Feminist Majority Foundation a political arm of killing machinery, and 7) Planned Parenthood which is the
killing machinery, and 8) SIECUS a political arm of killing machinery, and the 8) the democratic party whose
‘platform’ is to depopulate and ruin the US and rig elections.Those groups have a organized crime in killing
and rigging elections.They buy judges and courts and lobbyists, and Congressmen and women, and Senators by the
dozens;and the US President is in their pocket. That is unreasonable. The refusal by the US Justice Dept to
protect the innocents from premeditated deliberate destruction is a failure to represent the good people of
the US while they offer SS Nazi-era protection to those who kill. It is abomination.
That assassin-abortionist-mass-murderer of innocents-Tiller was NOT innocent but evil abomination;
and I am glad Scott Roeder killed him. And I pray that GOD also raises up some group or nation that
kills all the abortionists and all the evil killing machinery of murderers of innocents-in-womb and
shuts down every killing center That is Biblical to protect the innocent. Scott Roeder may the only man in America
after GOD’s own heart to be a champion for the unborn/preborn.
I am furious. There is a GOD and HE does not approve of premeditated killing of the innocents. If you doubt that
then it shows /proves that you are heathen and totally unfamiliar with the word of GOD = Bible.
I tell you this, the good people of this nation are rising up in rebellion, because GOD is not mocked,and this
nation has sowed death and destruction to the innocents created by GOD and mocking GOD called such evil a ‘right’
but it is always a wrong. Always ! The US will go down as a nation, and will become like all the places that
legalized sodomy, abortion and abomination against GOD–> that would leave a remnant of a nation. GOD has all but
destroyed California because of what that evil Nancy Pelosi tried to ramrod through Congress. And GOD has sent
invasion to America from the Saudi Kingdom, from the Mexican nation, and they come like ants to sugar. The US is
already experiencing the consequences of their rebellion against GOD.
Scott Roeder’s beliefs are very reasonable,that unborn innocent children should not be slaughtered like sheep,
with not the compassion of the way the US government requires animals to be slaughtered but in cold blood
with no anesthesia as they are torn apart, and no mercy for the true innocent human babies. The ungodly in this
nation will NOT make the rules because there is a GOD. GOD will thwart every attempt by Congress to legalize the
premeditated killing of innocents in the womb, and if that means destroying the nation that will happen too.
GOD is not mocked according to Galatians 6:7.For too many years [nearly 40 since that evil Roe v Wade decision]
that tried to label premeditated killing of innocents as a ‘right” GOD has waited patiently until the gospel truth
was told . But now the evidence of the reality of America’s situation on the brink of national collapse,
bankruptcy and takeover by communist China, shows that GOD is ruining America.
Scott Roeder fire your lawyers and get some that believe that being prolife– FOR LIFE–is a reasonable belief
and get some that believe that men are required by GOD to have the courage of their convictions. And appeal your
sentence and state plainly what you believe and why in the witness stand, and insist on your rights in the true
laws to defend your beliefs and not be silenced by a Judge bought by Planned Parenthood. The true laws are that
if a civil law is unconstitutional and any law intended to depopulate the nation would not be in the best interest
of the state of Kansas or the nation,and would not meet muster for the right to life clause it may not be upheld. Fight for your constitutional rights and the right to life for all US Citizens in the womb. Fight for the First Amendment to believe in GOD and act on those beliefs.
* Genesis 1:27:”So GOD created man in HIS OWN IMAGE, in the image of GOD created HE him; male and female created
HE them.”
** Genesis (;6 “whoso sheddeth man’s blood by man shall his blood be shed; for in the image of GOD made HE man.”
Gloria Poole, Missouri; The time is 8:27 AM, 31-Jan-2010.