Read my reply to NY Times op ed piece

This is my reply to the Obama  PR campaign in the NY Times today that
is intended to push the opinion of the Congress toward the Obama
killing plan. My reply is intended to push the opinion of Congress
in the opposite direction toward human life protections.
The Editorial op-ed piece named ‘More than…” asks a question that
on the face of it shows how ignorant of a republic the NY Times
editor really is, when the editor asks ‘how did a small group get
so much power?” I want to ask did you mean Obama? Because the
Senators and Representatives are ELECTED by their respective states
to stop legislation harmful to the nation. Gridlock is what they are
supposed to do, IF the plan would be ruinous. Best analogy I could
think of is a football game. The opposing side does everything in its
power to prevent that touchdown, including tackling by force the
quarterback. So let us not pretend that the US Congress is hindered
by a handful of members with a conscience! Those should and must stop
bad legislation from becoming public law. There is no such thing as a
right to an abortion. Rights that encompass the nation according to
the US Constitution could only be created through a Constitutional
Convention and a Constitutional amendment to the existing constitution
which through existing amendments guarantees to all except innocents
in the human womb the right to life and the right to an appeal in any
situation where they are in danger of losing their lives or limbs.
The prolifers want to extend the Constitutional protection to the
humans in the womb. That is our goal and that is the only possible
outcome of the events of the past 4 decades since that ungodly and
immoral Roe decision tried to flaunt the laws of GOD in the face of
the American people.
The current 2700 page resolution /bill is not law yet. It is a major
redinition of every facet of health care delivery and it includes an
effort to create a ‘right to abortion at taxpayer’s expense’ without
amending the constitution as it is written currently.  The attempt of
Congress to do a runaround of the true laws of this nation is one
reason they are in danger of being lynched politically if not actually.
And NY Times, you are behind the news but of course we prolifers
in the nation know it is the only way you could hold your collective

heads up in public, to stay ignorant of the facts of humans in the womb, and the gruesomeness of that horror abortion and the fact that the nation is opposed to abortion as a majority opinion now.
And the way the news and Congress is trying to put a spin on the word
reconciliation to make it distasteful is not accidental. The word
means that both houses of Congress [Senate and House of
Representatives] have to find enough common ground that the plan as
proposed is acceptable to a majority of both houses. That is the way
all laws should be created. It is not an anomaly or a fracture of the
system, the system is supposed to work that way. The problem was that
for 4 decades the wicked were making the rules and evil organizations
like Planned Parenthood were pulling the strings of Congress like they
were wooden dolls on a puppeteer’s gizmo.
However you spin that proposed plan in congress it is a major attempt to regulate every facet of health care, who and how a person gets to medical schools, who is allowed to have medical schools, what they learn there [death delivery instead of health delivery called ‘end of life counseling ” but in reality a suggestion that a person should self-destruct], etc,etc,etc, and it includes premeditated murders of innocents in the womb as a ‘health care reform’ when it is a horrible sin against GOD.
GOD is not mocked. This nation is in deep trouble everywhere and
the root cause of that is the nation’s leadership turning away from
the Commandments of GOD to do their own immoral ungodly thing. Every
nation that tried to legitimize child sacrifice and homosexuality
have been destroyed by GOD until they were only remnants of themselves
A two track plan for those who kill innocents and those who do not
kill innocents would and does make the US a house divided. In Matthew
in Bible, JESUS warned that a house divided against itself does not
Community health centers have provided for and referred for abortions
for probably 3 decades.They use deceptive words and the HIFAA laws to
prevent the families from finding out what is going on at those places and at ‘school based clinics”. They exist on Medicaid money paid to kill and that is why GOD HIMSELF is slowly but surely removing all resources from America, who used them wrongly.
And last but important, if you substitute in the last paragraph the
phrase ‘gassing of Jews with Zyklon B gas” see if your responses
would be different. For instance if it read, ‘gassing of Jews with
Zyklon B gas in scheme to kill them,’ is a legal and medically valid
procedure’ as the NY Times ‘ Editor put such inflammatory words
concerning the tiniest most defenseless humans [those in the womb]
into their article today. Then see how well that would sit with
Gloria Poole; Missouri; time is 9:31 AM 15-March-2010; and I have added this to other sites of mine also.