Voodoo Economics of Obama & dems

I am writing this am to oppose the effort by Congress to create new so-called rights without having a Constitutional amendment and without the states’ citizens voting on amendment. I am also writing to oppose the health care bill being debated under tightly controlled and sneaky methods of tricks, deceit, and false words, in their effort to codify abortion which is the premeditated killing of innocents in the womb.

What I see and hear [news videos] and read on the topic of the BAD fake reform of health care I call voodoo economics. Here are the methods voodoo economics employ:

1) having ” I know we can’t afford this but I want it anyway and I will deceive myself as to the budget” attitude on the grand nation-wide scale.

2) Stealing money from others especially the Social Security taxes paid in by the nation as a mandatory tax since about 1965 to use to do what it was not intended to do and that is provide any benefits to able-bodied of sound minds people young enough to work.

3) Incorporating fraud as corporate policy –promising what no honest person could deliver such as a huge expansion of  ‘benefits’ [ a term used loosely to cover annuities that citizens paid for with SS taxes and also what is normally called ‘hand-outs’  for the poor, drug-addicts, alcoholics, etc]  without a huge expansion of taxes.

4) Using ‘snakeoil’ salesman tactics that are illegal in all forms of interstate commerce including ‘bait and switch” , illegal and false advertising, no truth in lending, and no 3 days to break a legal contract that was coerced in some way. The bait and switch technique is obvious with the democrats who say essentially we know it is a bad bill but we’ll fix it later. If they can’t fix it now they can’t fix it later either. Don’t be decieved by their lies. They are liars and the way I know that is from the scriptures in John 10:10 King James Holy Bible about liars and murderers. Abortionists are murderers and those who promote or vote for the murders of innocents in the womb are accomplices as surely as were the thugs of Hitler’s staff who carried out his killing orders. Those in Congress who vote to kill innocents are evil people and they should be voted out of office and tried for treason against the nation and then hung.

And there is an article in the Washington Post today also discussing the states rights and the constitutionality of the proposed health care bill, at:
and article in the Buffalo {NY] news today includes this quote:
“Many of the provisions in “Obamacare” also are in the Massachusetts health reform plan often
cited as a model for universal coverage. Under that state expansion, though, costs haven’t worked
out the way they were supposed to. The program is $47 million over budget and costs are 27 percent
higher than the national average. Health insurance premiums are increasing at the rate of
30 percent a year. Hospitals are in turmoil and three of the state’s four major health insurers
lost money.” it is a good article and exposes some of the Obama lies, read it at:

Also I wrote more on this topic this morning in a blog of mine with today’s entry being the NY Times violated my First Amendment liberties at:


Gloria Poole ; Missouri; time is 8:55AM, 20-March-2010.