Lessons Learned in Wilderness of Colorado

I believe as the Bible says that GOD is able to turn all situations to good somehow. Because of that I have given some thought as to how GOD could do that for the seven years of trauma I experienced in Colorado. I think so far this is what I gleaned from that experience:

– a state that allows the Judicial system to reap the ‘fruits’ of crimes has no incentives to stop or prevent crimes.

– when the focus of the state’s judicial system is to protect the rights of felons and violent cocaine-addicts then the innocents are trampled, and have no rights essentially.

– when the system is such that the innocents trampled upon have to hire an expensive lawyer to pay into the system in order to tell what happened, then the concept of justice is made a mockery of.

-when lawlessness is revered then anarchy reigns.

-when anarchy [ignoring the written laws] becomes the norm, then justice is meted out to whoever pays the most money into the system.

I was the victim of several domestic violence events against me, events that

nearly killed me and nearly destroyed everything I had ever worked for in my life.  I know from personal experience that the situation I have written about, of a state where the injured have to find a way to pay into the system in order to get their rights to protections in the law, heard in any court room, does exist, in Colorado and probably in other states also.

I think the lack of concern for innocents began in Colorado when it became the first state to legalize the premeditated murders of innocents in the womb via a very wicked lawyer.

I also think to turn that situation around will take a man of GOD who knows and fears GOD ALMIGHTY and who does not fear Colorado. I pray that happens for the sake of the innocents who still live there. I moved from Colorado on Oct 31, 2009 and I felt as if GOD had redeemed me from hell when I left that state!

Gloria Poole, Missouri; time is 6:27 PM, 8th-April 2010