U S Constitution a restraint on govt? or???

This letter is in the NY Times today in reply to an op-ed about the fill_in_the_blanks_approach
to the Constitution by socialist* Judges, in article entitled ‘How Judges See
the Constitution”:. I quote it so a not to mislead and so it is not misunderstood, word for word:
“To the Editor:

Geoffrey R. Stone’s panegyric to liberal Supreme Court justices
doesn’t mention the vast expansion of government power and truncation
of individual liberties that can be laid at the doorstep of his
judicial heroes.

Thanks to so-called empathetic judges who have ignored the commandments
of the Constitution, Congress can regulate anything and everything,
redistribute money from anyone to anyone else, delegate its lawmaking
authority to unaccountable and unelected bureaucrats, erase private
contracts between consenting adults, extend less protection to
political speech than to flag burning, seize private property for
transfer to politically connected developers, punish blameless but
disfavored racial majorities and impose anticompetitive restrictions
on would-be entrepreneurs seeking only to earn an honest living.

Professor Stone might at least have acknowledged the pro-liberty
role played by more conservative justices who managed to restrain
their personal impulses in favor of the text of our founding documents.

Robert A. Levy
Chairman, Cato Institute
Naples, Fla., April 14, 2010[end letter; quotes]
A lawyer I dated for a while, in Atlanta GA told me he was taught that the U S Constitution
is elastic, stretching to cover whatever, but it was supposed to be
a restraint on government particularly federal government.
What I learned about Judges from being a victim of domestic violence
and being summoned to Court to give testimony about those multiple events was:
1) Judges might or might know the particular laws involved; and
2) even if you quoted the laws to them and included them in your
written responses, they might not go by them or be directed by them; and
3) even if you have virtually dozens of laws on your side and you know it
and the Judge knows it, he feels no compunction to honor the written laws; and
4) the Judges manipulate testimony in these ways:
(a) they say it is not in the proper court;[but state law said any court in
Colorado in that case, was the appropriate court];
(b) they say it is too long–taking too much of their time ;
(c) they say it is too exhausting to the victim of the crime;
(d) they say it will be heard at another time [which never comes];
(e) they say the victim is not important in many actions by saying that
the felon violent man has his rights and he must be the first consideration so
his ‘rights’ are protected.
(f) they say ‘get a lawyer ‘ if you want to be heard;
(g) they say ‘type your documents, answers”; “put your responses on a flash
drive that you buy”  to a woman in my case who had
had her belongings plundered, thrown in trash, stolen by criminal then-husband;
and looted by those who were supposed to be care-takers when injured; putting
undue burdens on me as a victim to have to get to a library or some safe place
to write a response and print it, since printers attached to computers are
back-doors to government spying and criminals.
The concept of justice is turned on its head in the US where the innocent,
the victims of crimes are seldom if ever considered worth the time or money
of taxpayers’ protecting them from attack or protecting their assets in Courts either.
* Footnote, I define socialism as the idea that government is the
answer to every and any problem, and that throwing somebody else’s money [taxpayers] money at any problem is the solution, and that humans
as individuals are not important but only when they have gathered
a critical mass of followers that might damage a prospective candidate
do they become important, and that taking by government edict from
one  person [civil acts of public law] to give to another is the function
of government. And seldom does socialism require the assailant to restore the injured person or pay their expenses because to do so would remove

the government from the control it wants and seeks, and would give

citizems more power. The fees /fines felons pay into many court systems

by court order seldom actually do much to help those injured or victims of

the crime.
7:00 AM 4/22/2010

Gloria Poole; Missouri; 7:04 AM;22-April-2010