Clarification of Ownership this blog

I am posting this entry to clarify that I Gloria Poole of Missouri own this

blog. I am also adding a link to another blog of mine that has my photo on

it with the caveat that I also sign my name as g-l-o-r-i-a which is obviously the spelling of my first name. I am an artist and I paint in oils usually but on occasion in acrylics, but I often sketch with acrylics, watercolors, powdered pastels, pen/inks; and pencils. I am also a Registered Nurse since 1971.

Read the words also and view my photo of me  at this blog:

This is necessary because I write as a Prolife Nurse with a long career in that field and am considered an expert in some areas. Because of that the evil abortionists and their PACs from hell, try to discredit me and steal my name and websites and domains. It is a propaganda technique of theirs that originated with the devil in the Garden of Eden when he tried to lie to that first woman created by GOD that Adam named “woman”. In the eyes of the wicked, if you cannot disprove medical facts, then try to prevent the truth from being published, and or try to ruin those who publish the truth. The truth is that abortion is a heinous evil sin against GOD because it is premeditated murder in the womb of an innocent human being. It is gruesome and awful and it should be illegal.And those mass murderers [abortionists]  who kill the innocents in the womb should be tried for murders and executed for crimes against humanity [genocide] .

I am publishing my photo of me to help me get control of my name and my websites, blogs and domains that belong to me and that are written by me. There is an ongoing effort by murderers to distort my name and identity or steal it in their efforts to prevent me from publishing scriptures that condemn homosexuality and abortion.  GOD HIMSELF calls sodomy an abomination and HE tells men not to waste their sperm or put it into unsavory sorts  in order not to contaminate the human race gene pool.

But fools and wicked people are in  high places in Congress. They misuse their powers via the Patriot Act to spy on prolifers and to try to ruin them by illegally accessing bank acct info of them ,by applying censorship ‘rules’ against citizens who are prolife for the sole reason of believing it is wrong to kill, and they legally harass prolifers with fake inspections into their dwellings to snoop and spy on them by circumventing any required warrant to search for information, and they block illegally emails that are prolife.

But I am publishing my photo to get control of my blog. My photo of me in a red sweater and wearing a white blouse under is mine also and so is my photo of me wearing a dressy hat this past Jan 2010.  I am going to get control of my name and my online content!

Gloria Poole, RN [licensed in Colorado still but living in Missouri;] at my home in Missouri; 26-July-2010; 12:45 PM