Republicans Prolifers Win


do you think Obama understands his policies are not acceptabe to US as a whole?

Republicans are more knowledgeable about

how businesses provide jobs,and create wealth.

Democrats in their party platform view all solutions as coiming from government–if they don”t have enough real

money, they will create play-money [their new

scheme as of yesterday] that will devalue the US

currency, and essentially ruin the nation. Paper

money and or digital entries in a ledger, if not

backed up with tangible currency or gold

somewhere are subject to widely fluctuating

value,thus creating enormous risks for investors

in any business. The voodoo economics of

Obama is what created the worldwide financial

meltdown to begin with.

also, remember Republican Party is the

PRO-LIFE party; and say a thank

thank you prayer to

GOD that they won this week”s election basically and control of US House . Creating gridlock on socialism is the main goal–stop Obama’s plan to implement socialism in US as form of government.

Gloria Poole,RN;at home in Missouri;11:32AM;5-Nov-2010