Military: no to Perverts

There is a push-poll circulating that is part of

the gay-lesbian campaign to gain the right to

sodomize Americans troops and to be forced

into abnormal and perverted relationships when

retiring for the rest/down time from your shift

on duty. U.S> government the surefire way

to make the U S military contemptible in the eyes

of the enemies of America is to turn it into a

haven for perverted,reprobate abominations.

And yes, I use those words deliberately as

allowed by First Amendment to practice and speak

of,write of my religion. In the Bible, GOD calls

them reprobates [Romans chapter one] and

abomination in Leviticus 18:22 King  James Holy

Bible. So I call them that also. They have twisted

sick minds and the U.S. that is at al all-time

low water mark in the world community cannot

afford to have their military become the laughingstock

of the world. Can you imagine the straight men

having to put up with the perverted men patting

their behinds, feeling them up, and having to

constantly,literally watch their backsides?

And the image in the news or on youtube of a

man with a machine gun weapon issued by

military,combat fatigues and speaking in his

perverted,high-pitch,wannab a woman voice?

I know Osama bin Ladin would really be afraid of

that sort of abomination! [what a joke!] He would hate

the U S even more for defying the words of GOD on this

matter since sodomy is not one of the male characteristics of

good muslim men.

Just say no to perverts in the military. They are only after

a bigger playing field–more men to sodomize,and they could

find that in San Francisco and Boston, without destroying

the fighting forces of this nation.

And remember a push-poll is not  real random poll,but a

PR trick of hand-selected persons whose answers are known ahead of time to then publish somwhere to try to push the citizenry to

a mindset change. But remember this: when Alexander the

so-called Conqueror allowed/tolerated sodomy amongst his troops,

he lost every previous conquest and GOD reduced his nation to

a fraction of itself. GOD is not mocked according to Galatians 6:7.

Gloria Poole;at my apt in Missouri;7:49pm;29/Nov/2010